Shopping in Managua: Commercial Markets Edition

An introduction to some of the larger commercial markets in Managua, including Mayoreo, Huembes and the big gorilla of all markets, Mercado Oriental!

Also check the post for the link to the tour company that specializes in Managua city tours! Excellent for the true "urban adventurer."


Cheers from Mike @ Farmstay El Portón Verde

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was at isreal today..

it and humbles are probably the 2 friendliest marcados in mga

Thank you.

Very helpful.

thank you!

there are probably three or four more mercados but they are comparatively tiny to the rest. More like mercaditos. The real mercado in Masaya is a good place to shop for things too. Way more mellow then Mercado Oriental that is for sure!

Doors of hope fly open when doors of promise shut. -Thomas D'Arcy McGee

mercado oriental..

i only go to buy big's..stuff like that..also has a great source for used car parts..but its not a place to go for window can get dangerous..and its so big..easy to get lost in it

yes, that's the idea, have a specific mission in mind...

if you want to have an adventure and see what its all about then book a tour with Managua City Tours or go with someone you know and hopefully is armed. I go with my brother-in-law who knows where all the different areas are for the big things like beds, tires, refrigerators, tvs, etc. It is cheaper then El Curacao or Gallo Mas Gallo. Those places are only good to see what the highest price is on items.

Doors of hope fly open when doors of promise shut. -Thomas D'Arcy McGee