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The guy has had a psych evaluation and Suzanne Wopperer is translating for him now. What's going to happen apparently is that he'll either go to a psych institution in Nicaragua for up to two years, then be transferred to a US institution (maybe) or he'll go to prison in Matagalpa.

Jail apparently has been good for him -- dried him out, cut down on his smoking, and he's learning more Spanish and making friends among the prisoners.

Final disposition after the psych report comes back.

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And his rights to any Confidentiality?

At least we all know who not to use for any sensitive translation work.

I suspect this is all common enough knowledge

This is Jinotega, where people you've never met know who your friends are within a week of moving here. If he's making friends in jail, then all their families know this already.

Everyone who ever met him knew he had a drinking problem, apparently (I'd never met him, but then I find Nicaraguans more interesting than other expats on average).

Rebecca Brown

We Haven't Had

a new Hannibal Lector movie in quite some time.

This could finally put Nicaragua on the map. The last we saw of Hannibal he was on a plane, the stump of his wrist bandaged where he'd chopped off his hand to disengage from Clarice. He was offering his young seatmate some deliciously sauteed frontal lobes: "Mnnmm. This is so much better than plane food"!

I assumed he was on his way to Brazil, but it COULD have been to Jinotega, Nicaragua.

I personally think it's something in the Jinotega water. We have at least two documented instances of odd ex-pats from Jinotega.

Maybe the Germans are using that water treatment plant as a biological warfare test site?

There's an even juicer expat killer story in Belize...

...if true. The guy suspected is John McAfee who took his McAfee Security System dollars and turned into a custom drug creator and user. The guy who was killed also seemed to have a record of sorts, though perhaps not more than average for Floridian males.

Also, with more details:

Rebecca Brown