Hi!! Upon arrival at MGA---is their a duty free shop before you exit?? thanks

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Yes, Right Off

the baggage claim. I usually load up. I've always taken a rental car so it's easy.

I've never compared prices downstairs to the duty free shops upstairs, so I don't know if it's a true duty free.. Selection is much less.

Customs doesn't look twice at the stuff, I just throw it on the belt with my other luggage.

I got some great cigars upstairs at a duty free with a small humidor room, nicely done, across from the FDC kiosk.

FDC flavored coffee? Hmmmm . .. And some sexy FDC pajamas for your Novia. Or pajamas AND a robe if it's serious :)

The FDC girls don't speak English, they'd sell a lot more product if they did.

I bought the robe and pajamas for Shelley, but got the FDC girl to hold them up against her so I could "check the size".

She blushed, knew exactly what I was up to, but enjoyed the attention, even from an old man.

There is but ...

The duty free part is if you are leaving Nicaragua, not entering.

I think I paid $9 a litre upstairs in June

For 7 year old.

It was as fyl says when leaving - upstairs area.

Thanks all!!

I'm guessing the prices at the shops at the EXIT are more $$$$ than the duty free shop above!! I guess what I'm really looking for---would Alcohol be cheaper at Price Smart---then the shops near the exit of the MGA airport?

I do believe Flor De Cana is cheaper at Price Smart than the duty free stores--just not sure about the others (Vodka, Baileys)


Check Juanno's Price

downstairs for a comparison when you arrive. We'll solve the mystery of upstairs/downstairs.

I also buy some of their big Nestle chocolate bars to use as gifts.

Upstairs sometimes has some FDC deals, buy three get one free. Be aware, some incoming US airports have quantity restrictions based on state limits designed to protect home based liquor industry..

Miami depends on the mood of the customs agent. They can send you to secondary where you will pay a small duty on everything over 5 liters, or they can just say "get the hell out of here". I've gotten the get the hell out of here with a full, big suitcase of wine from Italy; and spent time in secondary paying what I remember as less than a dollar a bottle duty for a quantity of FDC.

I used to bring a lot of rum back from CR to use as gifts. I was fond of this barrell-shaped bottle, cost $6 or $7. I'd also have a fulll suitcase of Costa Rican coffee, freshly roasted, paper bags. You could smell me a mile away.

The issue is not the money, but the time. That secondary line can get pretty long. Be aware, secondary always has a drug sniffing dog or two walking up and down the line. It's amusing though, you'll probably see a bad-smelling reprobate or two pulled out of line for interrogation.

Be polite, it helps a lot. Smelling good is probably not a bad idea either. They seem to focus on the hippies.

They usually come down the line asking what you're "in" for, tell them about your excess booze and they will take you to a window where you pay the duty and leave.

Just trying to figure out

Just trying to figure out whats cheaper for my in laws that are ARRIVING MGA! Probably just goto Price Smart and be done with it!

I know back in June when I left MGA to Canada--Price Smart was cheaper for Flor De Cana but a $1 (18 yr rum) as wel as the 7 yr, 1.75L

Also price maxiPali

FDC is half their booze rack.

Asked incoming at HOuston a couple months ago--1 litre duty free, all others he said were about a buck a bottle. A extra line to stand in is probably more trouble than the buck.

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