"The Nica Times"

Tim Rogers, a writer for "The Tico Times", edits a four page newspaper called "The Nica Times". Some of the articles are available at www.ticotimes.net. It is in English.

I briefly met Tim when I was in Granada last year. I don´t know if he still lives here. One of the articles emphasized that the tourism industry would be stable regardless of any political shakeups. Members of all the political parties have significant investments in tourism.

The National Assembly is currently reviewing a Coastal Law. It establishes a special 200-meter protected area along the high-tide line.

The Tico Times/Nica Times is sold in a few places in Granada.

Scott Banks


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English Weekly destined for Nicaragua?

Panama and Costa Rica have English weekly papers, and Honduras has for a long time, as does Guatemala. Each of these differs in how "touristy" they are, but all exist. Doesn't it seem odd that Nicaragua doesnt have something comparable to "The Tico Times" & "Honduras This Week" -- at least based on the long-time gringo residents in Managua? Or, do they, and I somehow missed it on every trip thus far!

Know Tim:

Miskito Alan says that everybody here on "NicaLiving" knows Tim and this is nothing new.

Papa -- Take it easy.


wrong again

Never met or knew of Tim. I did not know about NicaTimes until being in Nicaragua. It is cool little insert into Tico times.