This is about as Nica Living as you can get....

Another one just got born...

Welcome to CAMILA ALEXANDRA ARAGON, born in Rivas few minutes ago. Normal delivery, Mother and Baby are both well.

(My stepdaughter's baby)

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And may happiness surround you and yours

-Doug ©

If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the precipitate


Joyous news! This world needs more pinoleras!

I came home today to find the mirror covered over...

I had to ask why...

"If a new mother sees herself in a mirror during the first 40 days of giving birth, she will get a headache"

Of course, why didn't I think of that.

Although, my eyes have been bothering me for a few weeks, this could be why:

"If you eat something around a hungry pregnant woman and you didn’t offer you will get that sty in your eye".

sweet, congratulations!

old wives tales are definitely alive and well in Nicaragua. Just ask my suegra!

Doors of hope fly open when doors of promise shut. -Thomas D'Arcy McGee

But its amazing what they don't know, or don't get told

Such as the baby will lose weight in the first few days before it starts gaining.

It may be just me thinking I am being useful but I have been able to dispel a lot of fear and with Google I can show them in Spanish that its not another one of my stories!!

Unless you have

balls of steel don't try that with your wife!



Congrats Grandpa!

"Maybe, just once, someone will call me 'sir' without adding, 'you're making a scene." -Homer J. Simpson


Another child to take care of the old man! ;-))





Nothing Like OPB's

"Can I hold her?"

"OK, You can have her back . ."

That IS outstanding. We all wish mother and daughter well.