Nothing to do with Nica, but an insight into human motivation

When I read this article... for some reason it reminded me of the discourse on this site. It's about US politics Red vs Blue states.. .IIt explains why some folks in those states are Red and some are Blue, but the human motivation part is at least applicable to any nation.

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Amazing as to how much more we have in common than what we think. Growing up in Nicaragua I spend my time between Managua and Chinandega. Disputes and arguments in Managua were resolved, back then, with a few obscene words and maybe a fistfight, whereas in Chinandega matters could turn deadly pretty quickly. People from the city didn't carry guns or knives on them, unless you were a member of the Police, Guardia Nacional, the infamous Seguridad (sort of a secret police) or a criminal. Out in the country the rancheros loved to wear their guns on plain sight and the lowly campesino had with him, always, his machete, and that hasn't changed much. A misplaced look or misunderstood word can get you in a world of hurt out on el campo. The campesino takes pride and places a high value to his and your words. The palabra de hombre (a man's word) phrase usually is said as he shakes hands with you as a sign of sealing a pact or deal with you. For them city folk have no honor, are cheats and liars and some even go as far as to say one that behaves in such manner is no better than a woman. Sounds terrible but it is true.

yep..good post..

there is a big the people of waslala..and the people here in mga..if waslala..wasnt so far out in nowhere land..would live there