Conoces El Indio?

I asked for the third time in the Costco parking lot in Tijuana.

"Yes, of course" my new friend answered. He pointed to the street in front of us: "Three blocks, turn right, and follow Allende about ten blocks up the hill".

This place is worse than CR: everyone speaks English, and it's annoying, because Mexico is the place where my Spanish works best. Lonche and Troke are words they understand. Try using lonche in Nicaragua . . .

I was down there getting a truck painted, the first truck I'm bringing to Nicaragua. It's a great truck, a turbo diesel with only 85K on an engine that runs like a watch. I'd heard of El Indio from various web posts, along with it's "too dangerous to go to Tijuana".

What I found was a big city, prosperous, suffering from the lack of tourism they enjoyed prior to the drug cartel problems. I had a couple of excellent meals, one here:

and a couple of very excellent bottles of wine from the Valle de Guadelupe ... but I digress.

None of this existed 30 years ago, and I couldn't help thinking of Mexico/Nicaragua parallels. Nicaragua looks much like Mexico did 30 years ago. Much of Mexico's current prosperity is owed to NAFTA, and the huge market to the north, but these opportunities also exist in Nicaragua.

My truck came out great, It looks like new. As a bonus El Indio detailed the interior. I couldn't get the pics to appear but PM me with an email address if you want to see the truck.