Who Would Be

better for Nicaragua? Obama or Romney?

As this horse race (Oh So Slowly) approaches the finish line the choice of candidate will have some impact on Nicaragua. Could this new presidency begin a "reset" of relations between Nicaragua and the US?

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I agree 100% with Daddy-yo.

I agree 100% with Daddy-yo. To think that republicans have interests in negotiation with a leftists country of which Hugo Chavez's best friend is president is ridiculous. They have no interest in helping Nicaragua. On the other side the democratic government is much more cooler when it comes to a country's governments.

Remember, the left is the enemy for the right. Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua are terrorist if you know anything about their politics.

Al Jazeera input

Al Jazeera has had quite a bit on the US persidential horse race. Mitt Romney, the Republican Party and Latin America in one such item that might be of interest. It goes far beyond Nicaragua relations but analysis needs to as we continue to see a trend toward regional autonomy.

Depends on ...

... whether you feel Nicaragua will be better off with or without Ortega.

The Republicans will work to root out leftist authoritarians in Latin America, IMO. (Marco Rubio was being considered as Romney's running mate; his politics on the subject are unequivocal.)

The Obama-Clinton State Dept, while making a pro-democracy show, doesn't seem to care if governments are leftist or authoritarian as long as there are no human rights abuses, or clear acts of (martial) interference with their neighbors.

Ortega's autocratic government has produced stability and a growing business environment. Nicas, for the most part, seem to accept him. Sandinista solidarity is more effective in battling the drug lords than anything the US might superimpose, IMO.

How about "neither"

Do you really, REALLY, need a "Great Father" to order your life by?


Wouldn't you rather just ...... be left alone?

De tin marin de dos pinguin

Seriously I couldn´t tell which would be better. I think though that the US should pay better attention and not commit the same mistakes as in the past when dealing with Ortega. Ortega plays the fear card so well now as back in the first years of the revolution. Listen to his speeches, although boring, there is always present the not so subtle message , or should I say massage , that makes the masses rally behind him, and that message is, now as then, they, the US and the vende patrias, are at the gates coming to take what we, the Sandinistas rightly took from them to give it to you. The funding of the Contras back then by the US only reaffirmed what the Sandinistas claimed over and over. In reality the Contras was the best thing that could have ever happened to the Sandinistas. Mr Ortega has as we say ¨como todo hombre un precio ¨. He is proving to be adept to dance with more than one partner. His favourite tune is el son de la plata. His followers couldn´t tell the difference and don´t care as long as they get their leftovers, and those that could couldn´t care less. A little stick here and a little carrot there. Chavez knows the drill . So do us a favor and start playing his favourite tune and as it was the case with Somoza, there is another son of a bitch, but it will be your son of a bitch to control. His wife will take care of the transition and in the end every body will be happy, screwed still but happy, as we Nicas say Jodidos pero contentos. So is not as much who will be better as to what approach would work the best in the end. After all we, the people , don´t count for much around here.



I saw on the tube today

that tio hugo has endorsed obama for reelection and went one step further to say that he thinks that if obama were a Venezuelan he would vote for Chavez.

Makes perfect sense to me, glad Hugo was candid enough to spit it out in public.

"You can avoid reality, but you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality." Ayn Rand

" .. if obama were a Venezuelan. . .."...

I thought he was Kenyan ??

But wait, this will be a non-issue if the "New Birthers" get a DNA sample. They are now convinced that Obama has a different father (good news), which would make him a US citizen. Unfortunately, his new father (bad news) was a communist. Brain-washed in Indonesia instead of Manchuria, Obama is going to hand the country over to the communists during his second term.


There are a few holes in the whole theory (well, maybe more than a a few).

If Hugo were in the US he COULD vote for Obama; no ID required.

"Donald, Mickey, yes, here it is, Hugo. Your ballot, Mr Chavez".


it's funny 'cause it's true!

"Maybe, just once, someone will call me 'sir' without adding, 'you're making a scene." -Homer J. Simpson

Oops! Maybe Obama

should vote for Chavez .. . looks like our boy is going to need every vote he can muster.


Except, you need ID to vote in Venezuela.

This election is probably coming down to who is buying more votes, Chavez or the CIA :)