Importing an antique vehicle

i'm in the process of becoming a rentista and understand that i can bring in my vehicle ( tax exempt on it's value (?) up to $25.000. what percentage do i pay if i go over? also/ i read somewhere?? that i can bring in an antique vehicle/ have to prove it's an antique/ well/ i'ts a 1917 so that part shouldn't be difficult/ it's value in the us is only $5000/ it's a rust bucket that i like to drive and i know it makes no sense to bring it/ but i want to/ and if it eventually breakes down i'll make it a planter for flowers. has anyone tried either successfully or not to do this!!!

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Not inclued

If you obtain the "pensionado" status, under the law 694, you can import a vehicle and the tax exemption is for the first $ 25,000.00 but it must be with no more than 7 years. Another law allow you to import classic vehicles, but INTUR doesn´t mix or use this law, just the 694, so they can´t give to you tax exemption for your vehicle.-

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To the best of my knowledge, the duty exemption you are talking about is only for Pensionados.

i stand corrected/ i did

i stand corrected/ i did apply for pensionado status

Some stuff on this older post


Se exceptuan de esta prohibicion:

1. Los donados a los Cuerpos de Bomberos, la Cruz Roja Nicaraguense, las Iglesias, denominaciones, confesiones, y fundaciones religiosas que tengan personalidad juridica.

2. Los importados o internados por nicaraguenses que regresen a vivir al pais, despues de haber residido en el extranjero al menos un a?o anterior a su regreso definitivo.

3. Los clasicos o historicos.

Solamente se podran importar vehiculos livianos y camionetas de tina.

Will your rust bucket

pass the annual smog and mechanical inspections?

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