Two Tropical Kingbirds

Two Tropical Kingbirds

I also have a set of three of one of these eating a dragonfly. I'm quite pleased with the 45-200 lens for the micro 43rds body.

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looks like a bug is about to be passed from one to the other...

nice photo!

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I bought the Nikon in the end

The D3100, an 18-55 lens, SB400 flash, good sized chip and a nice bag.

I just may sneak a bigger lens in before we finish the trip.

On point and shoot mode a child could use it and there is an easy step up menu where you can complicate it as much as you like after that.

There are things the DSLRs do better

Fast action with tracking auto focus, low light.

I still recommend picking up a wide prime that works with your camera. This one is fairly cheap: and would be a good normal lens for that camera. The 35mm f/1.8 is for low light conditions -- indoors without flash (flash can be really obnoxious at times). My 20mm on the m4/3rds is the equivalent lens. Super lens for environmental portraits where you want the background slightly blurred (use long telephotos for really blurring out the background). Focuses as close at a foot, so nice for macros like this: (Taken with my 20mm f/1.8 lens).

Rebecca Brown