Army denies rumor that Tomás Borge has died.

Said the Commander is recovering in the intensive care unit of the Military Hospital "Alejandro Dávila Bolaños' after a lung operation.

Borge is Nicaragua's Ambassador to Peru.

He entered the military hospital several days ago as confirmed this afternoon by Rosario Murillo, coordinator of the Communication and Citizenship Council

Murillo said that she and President Daniel Ortega are in constant communication with the medical team treating Borge.

The First Lady said that "virtually every half hour" they are receiving reports "in terms of his improvement and the process he is going through after he underwent surgery last Friday," she said.

On Sunday, President Ortega visited and talked with Borge in the hospital.

Borge is almost 82 years old.

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Borge serious but stable

The health Tomás Borge Martinez remains the same according to the latest press release from the Army of Nicaragua.

The press release indicates that Borge's health is stable but is attached to a machine that is assisting his breathing.

Tomás Borge has died

Another piece of history gone.

What I remember about him is that he forgave his torturer.

Rebecca Brown

is that a joke?

Wow, what a great man! He "forgave his torturer".

And then became one himself.

When asked what three men he admired most, Yoda replied:

"First, Fidel Castro. Second, Fidel Castro. Third, Fidel Castro. Fourth, Fidel Castro. Fifth, Fidel Castro."

One can only hope there is a Hell and that this evil little dwarf is roasting!

Fidel Castro is the True President of the US

Ask Lawrence Ferlinghetti.

Rebecca Brown

Most feared

He was, arguably, the most feared Sandinista – and not just because he controlled the secret police, prison system, media, foreign intelligence, clandestine prisons, divine mobs, special operations, tribunals, etc., as Interior Minister for more than a decade.

Are you're confusing him with Lenin Cerna?

Son of two communists, head of intelligence, and rumored to have skinned people alive. Can't remember where precisely I read that, but the State Department's paper up on Wikimedia has a run-down on all the players.; also The State Department is pushing their case here, so not utterly reliable on all the details, but that's not the only place where I've read about Cerna.

Friend of mine here said that his father hid Borge during the revolution. Didn't get any sense from him that Borge was in the same league, reputation-wise as Cerna, from what I've been reading.

Rebecca Brown

Rebecca, put your spade down for a minute

before you bury yourself.

Back in his day I think Borge would make Cerna look like a Saint.

Rebecca, sometimes you have to just listen to your new family, not repeat, just listen.

you are so right man

Cerna learned everything he's become from Borge,thou IMO borge was smarter about it,more political sometimes, where as the cerna is more bully .

Good advise

Rebecca, this is really good advise, Juanno hit the nail on the head. Listen to what the people are saying here, do not repeat it, just listen. I have found that doing just this you will hear what they are really saying - and it's always the same people saying the same thing.

Probably shouldn't have repeated it

Mheh. I trust my eyes and senses far more than anyone else's.

South Carolina and much of the rest of the US South were mild police states when I was growing up, perhaps not so mild if you were black -- women not allowed to serve on juries; blacks hardly allowed to vote. Yet most people just lived their lives. I don't think political conditions, absent being Jewish in Nazi Germany and not working for Leica or being Stalin's political rivals, matter as much as we've been led to believe. Religions are all about encouraging people to accept less now for the big future posthumous pay off.

And blacks wouldn't tell white anything, but the body language was pretty telling. I don't see that kind of body language here.

Whatever things were like the 1980s, I don't know. They were fighting the US, which, however well it does or doesn't run its internal politics, tends to be a bully internationally.

Rebecca Brown

They were not fighting the US

They were fighting their fellow Nicaraguans, starting with the Sandinistas who spun off from the frente to fight against the leftist clique that ran it. In the immediate post-Vietnam era, the US was too confused and defeatest to do much of anything. Only Ronald Reagan had a clue what was going on in the Soviet camp, and the will to act. At the time I thought he was nuts, but history proved him right.

"You can avoid reality, but you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality." Ayn Rand

Um, and the social democrats were in charge all along

The biographer of Carlos Fonseca was extremely upset that the third faction had not been really interested in anything other than a mixed economy.

I was telling my brother recently that it's amusing living in a place where Socialist is a meaningless buzz word with good connotations rather than the silliness in the US where Socialism is a meaningless buzz word meaning "OMG, we have a Negro president."

Rebecca Brown


You also might try reading the local press, social media, and other internet fora. Of course these are in Spanish. You might try taking classes. Amazing how anyone can live here without knowing the language.

Lenin Cerda - er, Cerna - is in a league of his own. Even the Stasi were impressed with his utter disregard for humanity and his brutal repression tactics. And he worked for whom???

Yoda was an evil man. Anyone who dared speak ill of the F$LN was an "enemy of the revolution" and oppressed. He implemented the CDC to be the "eyes and ears" of the revolution -- brought in from Fidel by the thousands of Cuban "advisors". Of course Fidel got the idea from the Stasi who got it from Stalin who got it from Lenin.

The evil dwarf's idea of a free press was stolen directly from Goebbels. He personally censored La Prensa on innumerable occasions and shuttered it twice. On one occasion he threatened to throw their presses into the Gates of Hell (that would be Volcan Masaya) and the editorial directors in after them (note that one of those people was Violeta Chamarro, widow of the martyr, and former fellow National Junta member).

And since you live on the border of the indigenous communities, find an old Mayanga man or woman and ask them about the burning of their villages, the forced relocation of other villages, the wholesale clear cutting of old growth forests on indigenous lands by the Bulgarians ("our fraternal socialists brothers" [sic]{and sick}).

And especially ask ANY indigenous person about Navidad Roja.

The man (term used loosely) was a thug cut from the same cloth as Che, Fidel, Stalin, Mao, the endless Kim family, et al. Zeus only knows why the leftists cherish and praise these pond scum.

The evil dwarf is dead. Good riddance.

Knowing the language is not an either/or thing

And conditions on the ground anywhere are more complex than ideologues seem to believe.

People who think in either/or categories simply don't have enough information.

I've never understood the rights' fascination with Reagan, either.

Rebecca Brown