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Well there used to be Texaco, Esso, and up until a year or two ago, Mobil gas stations here in Nicaragua, but now there are only Uno, Puma, and Petronic. Uno I believe is Brazilian, Puma is Swiss, and Petronic is Nica/Venezuelan? Anyway, you won’t see any familiar gas station signs here anymore if you are from North America.

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I wonder what they're going to do with the On the Run(s) stores? Those are everywhere (where they had Mobil stations) and I think a strong brand name here...haven't yet seen what they are doing with the signs...a lot of signs are changing now...unfortunately now there are so many Uno stations that you can't just say in our example, "turn at the Uno" it is now "the Uno at km diez y media."

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Defacto Nationalization

Only a matter of time before there is only one supplier of oil to Nicaragua-Venezuela. With the Ortega company controlling distribution with his Venezuelan partners. Sure there may be one token foreign company left for appearances. The Alba oil agreements could be in jeopardy if/when Chavez dies so I think this is way to secure oil to Nicaragua beyond Chavez gifts of aid with real business contracts that are being fast tracked right now..

Petro Nic will be biggest player but would not be surprised if they set up another company to appear there is 'competition'.

Maybe they will finally build the refinery in Nic as well when Venezuela becomes the sole supplier.

interesting comment...

very often in La Prensa there are articles asking why the price of gas is the highest in Central America considering Tio Hugo has been so magnanimous with Nicaragua...I believe the answer is the gas should be cheaper but D.O.S.'s cut is what is making it so expensive.

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On the Run is an international Esso brand. They're popping up all over Toronto with the same graphic identity, logo and colour scheme as in Nicaragua.

Doesn't matter for directions

Just because the sign changed it doesn't mean the directions change. As long as I have lived here (over eight years) there has been a Petronic in the center of Estelí. It is used in giving directions -- for example, Texaco, 1c oeste. Yes, Texaco. On the Pan American at the north end of Estelí is (was) a big Texaco. But, it is not "the Texaco", it is "the Starmart".

On a more amusing note, my house in Estelí is behind Hotel Chalet which is a rent-by-the-hour hotel. People arriving in taxis is common. But, if you tell a taxi driver you want to go to Hotel Chalet you get a blank stare. You have to say "Cine Nancy" which was a movie theater next to Hotel Chalet something like 20 years ago.

our entrance off the highway is also famous...

for the rental of drive-in rooms by the hour... "autohotel el diez y medio" so when we give directions everyone knows where it is hahaha...my bride says how before we moved here and found out there is a whole little community back in the hills some, she thought every car pulling in to the side road was going directly to the motel. At least we're known for something :)

Doors of hope fly open when doors of promise shut. -Thomas D'Arcy McGee


bought out texaco and shell..im surprised there are not more petronic stations here..puma on the run ????

I'm interested to see what they do with the signage...

haven't been out today but as of yesterday the station at the entrance to Las Colinas on Carretera a Masaya; the signage on the structure shading the pumps has changed but the big ESSO sign and the On The Run sign had not been removed. Yes OTR is a big brand used all over so it must be going bye-bye...

Doors of hope fly open when doors of promise shut. -Thomas D'Arcy McGee