Fresh Fish vs Just Fish

I have been pondering if there could be a niche for a "Fresh" Fish distribution place in Esteli, coupled with a small restaurant specializing in Fresh fish from both Sea and Fresh water, anything from Ceviche to Fresh whole a la tipitapa style and Fish Chicharrones. at Very low prices I may add,I would say a nice whole tilapia or snapper a la tipitapa for $80 cordobas.

What's your take Esteli guru (phil) or anyone currently living or that visits Esteli often???


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Biased opinion

As the only meat I eat is fish (and not that often) I am not your average Esteliano. That said, if there are people who like fish in Esteli, having a place that understands that fish itself rather than breaded and fried (too long) fish is a nice thing, it sounds like a good idea.

Of all the places I have eaten fish in Estel, "the Italian place" has come the closest to offering fish that is well prepared for someone who actually likes fish. (As I remember, they have it in an orange sauce which is tasty but there is still fish flavor there and it is not creamated or breaded.)

As for the "fish to take home" side, Ana shows up with fish here (in Tisey), I ask her what kind of fish it is and she says "the lady didn't know". Well, what you do wth tilapia or marlin is far from the same so the idea of the person selling the fish having a clue as to what they are selling seems like a plus.

There is a restaurant on the Pan American south of Sebaco (I forget its name but it is well-known and popular) where they understand fish (and more). If you order a fsh they let you pick the one you want. They do a great business. I would expect a place in Estelí with that same level of competence/service would do very well.

much appreciated Phil

Thanks for your input.