Nicaragua on Foot?

I tripped on a site called La Paz on Foot. I offer it as an example of something that could make sense in at least some parts of Nicaragua. While they offer longer treks, their bread and butter seems to be 4 and 7 hour treks in the La Paz area.

That type of trek would probably only work in Managua but that's a good start. Their treks are with a small group (it could be just one person) with a bi-lingual guide. From reading the description, it sounds like a great chance to learn about/see things the typical tourist either would not see or have fears/concerns about seeing.

If it was a success, doing at least half-day treks in other areas such as Granada, Estelí and Matagalpa would seem like a good next step.

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Both Matagalpa and Jinotega have trails

...that start in town. Pena de la Cruz is maybe two hours round trip (I haven't hiked all of it. Supposedly, there's another road/trail that goes into a nature preserve that starts near one of the bus stations (Sur, I think). I heard about the ones in Matagalpa from a woman who'd been there, and Matagalpa has a tour service already:

Miraflor has guides who can take people on fairly extensive walks there, but getting to Miraflor requires transportation.

Rebecca Brown

Guess you didn't read what they do

Their primary focus is a guided city tour, not a "campo tour". There are lots of rural tours in Nicaragua. For example, there are tour guides who take people up Cerro Apagají which is actually in our property. What they do/what I am suggesting are city tours.

Granada and Leon already have Tierra Tour

My understanding is that Matagalpa Tours will do tours inside Matagalpa, but that's not much bigger than Jinotega and Jinotega is around 30 minutes from north to south and a bit less east to west. Matagalpa is hillier.

La Paz also has visibly surviving indigenous culture and a lot more museums than any city in Nicaragua has and has more spectacular mountains and is cooler, and the prices are lower (I think more schools in SA actually teach English as a second language). It simply has more to offer than Managua, which is fundamentally unwalkable in any sustained way, though certain neighborhoods are walkable enough.

Leon and Granada are the colonial cities here. Both are covered by Tierra Tours. or

Rebecca Brown

walking tours

I think a great idea would be a trail system with bed & breakfasts either a 1/2 day's or a day's walk or ride away from each other. Have them offer a drop off service where they transport your luggage from one place to the next so you don't have to carry it - they do this in England. You can have city tours along the way, or detours into coffee farms and parks. Offer the option of camping too.

Every place has something to see, either historical, agricultural, cultural, or the indigenous plants and animals. Add a few geocaches along the way or things that are unique to Nicaragua like skiing on volcanoes. If you make it a long trail, there will be people that return because they want to finish the whole trail.

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But there you are. 'S what I do.

I've never been to England (the U.K. as they know it) or Nicaragua, or almost anywhere, but I read a good book. Maybe someone will get some ideas.

See "France on Foot" (has a web site): Sounds delish. Have heard that England's trails are better by someone who may or may not know.

Closer to home (for some of you), see "Where There are No Rocks…We Climb Volcanoes":

And if all this is about walking in cities, then you deserve what you get.

Ask me, if it ain't dirt, don't walk there.

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