The latinamericanization of the United States + an appeal to Canada

Corporate CEOs have long been envious of the relationship enjoyed by the Latin American land-owning elites with their numberless peasants (peones), surviving on a pittance & a prayer, trapped in small, sovereign republics. Historically juntas, coups & revolutions have happened there but they kept their advantagous business model. Globalization opened the floodgates (until dim, blue-collar voters in 'developed' countries caught on, decades too late).

And thus the socio-economic playing fields of the Americas (& the world) are leveling, to wit:

"PLAYBOY: Is the United States becoming a banana republic?

"KRUGMAN: In some important ways, yes. We used to talk about the classic problems of typically Latin American countries where the inability to achieve political consensus made it impossible to have effective economic policies. Well, that’s us. And, of course, there are the levels of inequality. In a lot of ways, America now looks like the classic Latin American problem." from:

So, . . . Canada, help! We need your uber-rational guidance. (Please don't suggest we subject the USA to more sub-zero temperatures, or that we seal our southern border with scissoring arrays of Star Wars laser swords.) And while your eyes are in the light of this screen, we could also use your tar-sands extracts too, as long as you refine the goop there, like in Saskachewan someplace, and sell us clean gas, diesel & bunker, thank you.

By the bye, what are you Canadians doing with all that toxic leachate from extracting the parts per million of gold from the tailings left outside old mines in Nicaragua, since the price of gold has made it worth your while? Or is that THEIR problem?

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Never been to Canada, but

Never been to Canada, but everyone says it's like America's 51st state just a lot cleaner and safer.

you asked for it...The Canada Party

The naked honesty of humor

Thanks SBall. It's one thing to have a chuckle at seeing the emperor naked. But it's quite another to get him to put some clothes on cause the sight is revolting. So I'm still looking for a sage Canadian prescription to cure America.

Here's a bit of political humor back at you. How some Brits saw their decision to join the Common Market::

"We went into it to screw the French by splitting them off from the Germans. The French went in to protect their inefficient farmers from commercial competition. The Germans went in to purge themselves of genocide and apply for readmission to the human race."

I love that series

We still get it on some channel or other. And since you appreciated the last one, I'll give you the next installment from The Canada Party: "The Candidates" (Remember, It's an intervention.)

I would love to hear more

I would love to hear more about what is going on with any possible contamination issues, particularly in the Los Andes project if you have anymore info.

common..the canadiains ..

are aloud to bad mouth the u.s. of a. but were not aloud to pick on them..

Playboy . . I Only

look at the pictures.

Never realized what I was missing until now. . .

I almost went to Canada one day

but it snowed so I went to L.A.

"You can avoid reality, but you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality." Ayn Rand