Liberia to SJDS

What's the bus cost? How long does it take? Any tips? TIA

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Liberia to Peñas Blancas is a route "route bus"

About an hour and a half and it costs 1,200 Colones ($2.50 ish). You can use a Tica bus but you have to book it and stand on the highway etc. and its not worth it.

Walk across the border and take a bus to La Virgen for less than a dollar (Its 15 Cords but you may get a gringo price). From La Virgen, bus 10 - 20 Cords or cab 30 Cords to SJdS.

Cab from the border to SJdS expect up to $20 per person but $10 is good.

Border: Have $12 exactly for entry to Nic and one dollar to enter the gate after that.

Thanks Guys

I'll give my best shot.

How About Crossing

with a car?

What are the specifics?