Another possible house, the ugly fence

Another possible house, the ugly fence

Saw this coming up for rent in the neighborhood day before yesterday, but stopped by today to get a look at it. It's a reasonably light place with a huge back yard with coffee, mangos, avocados, guavas, squash plants, orchids, and what looked like a Poinsettia. Three bedrooms, none really tiny, bathroom with cold water shower, and both an old kitchen outside with a classical woodburning stove outside and a modern kitchen inside. $200 a month, which would mean having to get a roommate to share it (Rosario said she could send me guests if anyone wanted a month stay and couldn't afford the Solluntuna Hem.

The fence is ugly but behind it are plantings with ferns, roses, and shrubs. The graffiti is post ironic.

More photos and following, tagged with "rental houses".

I'll post another picture.

Pachita said I should rent this one rather than the one in Barrio Centroamerica, but also asked me if I wanted to stay in the place I'm renting now. I said I wanted a lease for 2 years. She said she's going to see if her sister-in-law would be willing to take the house off the market and sign an agreement with me.

This place has no room for visitors, but otherwise is comfortable for me and I know the barrio. The house in the photo is a block south of me,not as nice as the first one south of La Estancia de Don Francisco that I saw briefly but which was $300 a month. Rosario's house is smaller and I'd be able to afford it by myself, but I'm cheap and I've got good neighbors here (not that I'd be that far away one block south of where I am now).

But the back yard of the rental close to me is amazing. I could have coffee beans of my own. No bananas at the present, but there is a sweet orange tree.

I'd probably want to share it for now if I got it, but various NGOs have people looking for places from time to time.

Or I could stay here with the avocados, the mangos, and the utterly tastely oranges and the sour mandarins.

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i'd say.....

"you're home!" it's got you written all over it!

you are a work of art!

"Maybe, just once, someone will call me 'sir' without adding, 'you're making a scene." -Homer J. Simpson


a piece of work.... i don't know how the saying goes....

"Maybe, just once, someone will call me 'sir' without adding, 'you're making a scene." -Homer J. Simpson

It was rented by the next day

I'm not surprised. So, people, that's an example of a house in Jinotega that goes for $200 a month: large back yard, three bedrooms, brick construction, good plantings. I saw the sign for the first time on Monday or Tuesday, talked to them Thursday but didn't make an offer, and it was gone by this morning.

Talked to Rosario again about the place in Barrio Centroamerica and had a friend take a look at the outside for any signs of foundation problems, and had gaseosas at the little restaurant across the street. Certain advantage in having a landlady I know who lives in town.

Rentals here are from $100 a month to $300 month US but rentals here are not available for long. I think the rental market here is only slightly better than the rental market in Manhattan in the late 1960s or about the same.

Rebecca Brown

Remember, Asking Prices

are not necessarily the final price. A vacant rental chews through what would be a reasonable reduction quickly. A polite "I love the place but my budget is only $150 " might get the result you want, depending on the nature of the rental market in Jinotega.

When we first looked at our land the asking price was $4K Mz; we bought the first 10 for $22,000. The second ten has much more value as agricultural land and has proven its ability to grow coffee. We agreed to pay $3K /Mz for that piece. I think I could have gotten it for less, the seller had a bad year with his coffee due to the heavy rain, and was deeply in debt to the coffee buyer for funds advanced towards the coffee crop. His house in Condega was also included in the security for the advance.

There is value in good will too.

Japanese farm land is cheaper

Here, basically, the houses that go up for rent for reasonable prices go quickly. Rosario still hasn't gotten her tenant out of the other house, and I have the possibility of getting a lease here if the sister-in-laws want me to stay as a tenant and customer (both run stores; the owner is now in Managua). Supposedly, there's someone interested in the house I'm renting half of now and either the landlady really wants to get rid of the place or she realizes that both next door and I are low-maintenance tenants and she's getting whatever she's getting from the two units pretty much free and clear (guys next door moved in without hearing that the house might be sold sold).

Having a roommate is generally a hassle and having that much back yard would require some seriously gardening. Current backyard is scalped once a year and we're done with it.

Rebecca Brown