I'm curious about how well shipping in good under the housing allowance has gone for people

According to the law on pensionados, we can bring in up to $20K worth of household goods. My own take on this was that the shipping would have been more expensive than the goods I had, and I sold what I could and brought new or did smaller scale imports (one Medrano Express box, five checked on bags in two flights here).

Has anyone ever gotten the exemption and how did shipping go? Were there any problems with Aduana over whether some item was or wasn't a household item?

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Ley Pensionada Rentista shipping

My experience in 2005 was very good, mostly. The limit then was $10,000 plus a car not worth more than $10,000. I found a shipper who picked up everything at our house in Southern California and delivered everything (including a sofa I bought in Managua) to our condo at the beach. The car was held by aduana in a warehouse in Mangua and release after I negotiated an aduana Black Book fee. They added the $50000 cost of the container to their valuation of my car which took it to over $16,000 ... they wanted 45% tax on the $6000 overage (I had paid less than $7000 for the vehicle). We agreed to pay about $1500 and that settled it. Mundo Mundiales handled the shipment at the Nicaragua end ... they are fantastic. There were no issues as to what was covered. I had a good size generator, stove, large refrigerator, patio furniture, Plasma TV, beds, books, kitchen appliances, clothing, washer, dryer, microwave, etc. No problems.

What's a Medrano Express box?

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Medrano Express ships up to 3 ft by 2 ft by 2 ft boxes

Cost was $300 US (promotional sale price). They've very slow, but brought me the box to fill (cardboard carton) and picked it up from where I was staying in Alexandria, VA, and delivered it about two months later to my rental in Jinotega. I think a few things that I put in at the last minute and didn't have on the manifest went missing, can't prove anything since I didn't list them. I didn't pay any duty on it at all. Little or no English spoken by anyone from Virginia to here. My impression is that most of their clients are people who immigrated to the US sending stuff to family back home. They've got a range of box sizes. I ordered the largest.

Rebecca Brown

Did You Buy

the container (I assume for $5K and not the $50,000 in the post). ?

I see used containers available cheaply at the ports and that was my plan, buy one, negotiate a storage period, load it leisurely (I have a 38' International that I was going to use to accumulate the stuff and stage it. I hoped to get major appliances strapped on pallets, and over pack them with light plywood. That would allow me to safely stack cardboard boxes on top of the appliances and pack the container more tightly.

I was then going to back my truck into the container, seal it and cross my fingers.

Will I have to open everything up for inspection? Can I go through customs in Corinto? I hoped to then have the entire container trucked to my farm. It would provide a secure bodega for future equipment storage.

How do they value household goods if they are used? Does the Aduana Black book correspond to the Kelley Blue Book? If I show them documented proof of the container price will they accept that value?

These anecdotal experiences are very helpful, thank you.