Anyone have a vehicle for sale?

My wife and I are living in Leon and are looking for a fuel efficient vehicle with some ground clearance and that is not beat to hell. We are looking to spend 4K to 7K but would like a vehicle that has known at least the occasional oil change. We are not picky about the type of vehicle but want something reliable to get us around cheaply. Does anyone have something like this for sale?

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Mission accomplished

I think that we found a suitable vehicle. Thanks for everyone's time and help. Cheers, G

1998 Jeep

I know of a 1998 Cheep Cherokee sport 4x4 for sale! It was brought over to Nica by A USA diplomat, believe then sold to another USA diplomat, and then to a USA Embassy Nicaragua employee. It is in very good shape. I was actually going to buy it, but ended up buying a newer truck. I had it checked out at a local garage and they said it was in very good condition. 1 problem they found was a small hole in the passenger side floor well, but they said it was an easy fix, less than $50. The 1 downfall of the vehicle is it is a bit of a gas guzzler, BUT if you visit the Jeep forums (and their is a lot) they say that cherokee is a work horse!! Engine lasts forever AND thanks to all those online forums, you can get a lot of free help!!! She is a very nice gal and one can tell she looks after it. She was asking $5000 or best offer and wasn't really trying that hard to sell it. If you or anyone else is interested, PM me.

You should know better

than to ask such a question while advertising your price range. Lots of sharks out there as evident by 2 of the responses below.

My truck

Eddy I sell you my truck. 1996 auto. V6 144k miles $5600


What can say.... a 1996 car for 5.6K, is a bargain, it was a good year for cars! a 16 year old car.. makes it only US$350 per year, not bad at all.


We are selling our Hyundai

We are selling our Hyundai Galloper- 97 for 5000$. We live in León now, but are leaving Nica in March. You can contact me on 88036900!


another crazy BARGAIN! I hear gallopers from around 2003 or so go for 5K. This one from 1997 for just 5K is bargain being an antique and all!


I just wanted to add that we bought the car 9 months ago for 6k. Our mechanic just said we should get up to 8k for it, because it is in a good state. But some people see sharks in pools;)

Car prices

I have no idea what this car is worth but all too often in Nicaragua purchase criteria seems to be simply that it starts and it has a good radio. The need for maintenance means either it doesn't start or the radio stopped working.

While I am a decent auto mechanic it is not high on my list of things to do. After two disappointing experiences with used vehicles I bought a new one. The disappointment in both cases were with mechanics that seemed to only understand the criteria above.

At this point I have another vehicle (bought for a project we abandoned) I would like to sell it but it needs some minor repairs and I have continued to put them off because I personally don't want to do them and I don't trust anyone else to do them right.

In mechanic shopping I had two different places recommended. In both cases, it appears the owner, a good mechanic, moved on to other things (the first one now has a finca and spends his time there).

So, if you are a good mechanic, evaluate what you are looking at carefully. Something that has been properly maintained in Nicaragua can be worth many times something with a good radio.