Zinc fence between the house I'm in and Pachita's

Zinc fence between the house I'm in and Pachita's

Have a couple of different versions of this with different white balances.

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Great recycling.

And keeps their chickens in their yard (or yours).

After a while, all these things blend in and look normal. Window bars looked bad to start but now I don't notice them as much.

Depending on the yard next door, the patchwork becomes more attractive!!

We were recycling long before

Recycling long before it became fashionable or chic first and a reponsibility now. At my grandmother's house in Chinandega our fence in one side was made out of split and stretched old metal drums or barrels, about 3 feet high and maybe 5/6 feet long, double stack. It was there way before I was born and it was replaced about 6 years ago by a muro. It had a nice burnt orange look. I can see the typical lavandero too. Nice to have arboles frutales in your backyard.

Sustainable agriculture

...before that became a buzz word. That lavandero is the neighbor's; I have one in the kitchen. We've got about five or six different kinds of fruit in back, but Pachita has more.

Rebecca Brown

Pachita's fence

...keeps my dog from grabbing her parrots. We had chickens in my yard, but someone removed them for their own safety before Lola got fast enough to snag them before they could jump up into the trees.

I lived in NYC so barred windows were no big deal. I like the looks of them here, especially the more decorative ones.

Rebecca Brown


I like the idea of painting a funky mural on it.

Nature did that

She's a Rothko.

Rebecca Brown