Trucks for the campo

I work for an organization called buildOn that builds primary schools in rural communities in the Northern departments of Nicaragua. We are looking to purchase a truck for the organization. I have essentially narrowed down the options to either a Toyota Hilux or an Isuzu D-Max, both 2012. We will be spending a LOT of time off road, in the rain, mud, etc. I know that everyone drives Toyotas up there, and will argue that there is no other good option, but I am wondering if anyone unbiased has an opinion on the matter? Does anyone know anything about Isuzus? I am also open to other options if people have suggestions.

Thanks in advance for any info or opinion you can provide, Bryan

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Hyundai Porter

I used a Hyundai Porter dual cab while living in Nic. the double cab sat 6 adults easy and I had a "toldo" made for the bed. Although mine was a two-wheel drive they do sell a 4x4 and the parts are super easy to get in Nic. New they used to cost around 18k-20k so I'm not sure of the price today. But that Mitsubishi diesel was powerful and we hauled lotsa lumber and brick and so on.... good luck!!


Access to service is an issue. I bought a Mitsubishi in Estelí because service was available and it didn't have all the stuff I didn't want such as power windows and other things I would consider potential problems with a Toyota. The Mitsubishi dealer is gone now and I am not comfortable with they typical mechanic here.

Another vehicle that seems to get good reviews is the KIA 2700 but I see the same issue--only service in Managua. While I think Toyota makes fine vehicles I don't think they are the only company which does. Isuzu and KIA are two manufacturers with good reputations here. But access to parts (which rules out a lot of options) and decent service is a concern.


for your input, I will take that into consideration!

Did you consider the Landcruiser type of Toyota truck...

Like Union Fenosa use etc. More utility, (no double cab) but a workhorse on rough roads.

I second that

your best option for tough roads is the Land Cruiser not the Hilux. if you want to get a Hilux (doble Cabina) then i would suggest one from 2005 because they are easier to by local mechanics, with parts widely available.

i dont know ..

anything about the kia trucks..but what surprised me,, is most of the taxis in waslala are kias..there all independently owned and they tell me they hold up the best on the back roads..u dont see many isuzus even in mga..