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"Happy New Year"? is: ¡Féliz Año Nuevo!

But, the normal wish is for a ¡Próspero Año Nuevo!...a Prosperous New Year.

However, I am told that only came about because it looked bad to repeat the word "Feliz" in the same phrase, Happy Christmas and Happy New Year.

So, if you just want to say: "Happy New Year" is it OK to say "Feliz Año Nuevo" or is the generic Nicaragua custom to wish a Prosperous New Year and has nothing to do with grammar or how it sounds but it is the correct sentiment?

Inquiring minds need to know!

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Porque la esperanza es lo ultimo que se pierde....

That is why we like to wish everybody a prosperous new year. Hoping for things to be better than the year that's coming to an end. Although I don't know how we can top a year that left you with una chiva, una burra negra, una yegua blanca y una buena suegra. Que tengan un prospero new year.