Jinotepe con el más alto índice delictivo


That's surprising.... it is so quite most of the time, I think people just come here to sleep... which is probably the problem, if people want to go out, they go to Managua, leaving their homes alone... Maybe thieves take advantage of this... Who knows... It is certainly surprising news. I regularly walk around at midnight or even later with no problems.

I guess Cool Top is looking more and more attractive... or maybe someone is really trying to keep Gringos out of Jinotepe, or trying to get real estate prices under control!

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Maribel: "As a pure 'Jinotepina', it saddens me a lot to read this article. Jinotepe was always characterized as being a very clean & very educated city. The level of education of its inhabitants was one of the highest in Nicaragua, perhaps for its two Normal schools ... Besides the other high schools ... (in the area). It was beautiful that we all knew each other, and almost everyone was related (by marriage) to one another. Now Jinotepe isn't the same, it's a dirty city, disorganized, there's a lot of drug traffic among the youth, laundering money, prostitution, poverty, unemployment, and different from before, many misbehave, are vulgar (offensively so), on buses, in the street, in the park, &c. The city has grown enormously, but without urban planning. Many 'piñateros' have arrived, and people who have appropriated buildings in an underhanded way. I believe there's still time for those who truly love Jinotepe, to orgsnize as a civil society, like a community, to contribute to its progress as it should be, for the good of all, especially for the children growing in an environment where crime's growth accelerates, something we shouldn't allow to continue."

Israel: "When the midwife is bad, blame her for . . ."

Maribel: "Israel, of course there's a guilty party, it's the red & black government that reversed the formerly prosperous city of Jinotepe during the year they governed. Many properties (coffee farms, houses, businesses, &c.) were confiscated from families that inherited them before Somoza, and that created work for many people. Now these properties belong to 'piñateros' that have ruined them, and since there are no sources of jobs, there's a high rate of unemployment in the city. This isn't my imagination, there are the numbers, and the study was done by the former director of the Sandinista Police, sponsored by the UN. One can't blot out the sun with one finger, even if you're a fanatic for this government.


To begin to understand the Jinotepe story, IMO, one must first learn the history of Hertes Lewites, and the Lewites family of Jinotepe. He built the unique (for Nicaragua) amusement-swim-complex Hertylandia nearby. (The last time we were there, it was too expensive (for Nicaragua) and vastly underutilized, but clean & lots of fun.)

Hertes was a Sandinista; his brother Israel was killed in the 1977 assault on Somoza's Masaya barracks. Hertes was elected to Congress in 1990 the time when Ortega lost the presidency. Later he was a very popular mayor of Managua, 2000-5, but challenging Ortega for nomination as the FSLN candidate for president got him evicted from the party. He ran anyway, as the MRS (Sandinista Renewal Movement, a progressive split from FSLN) candidate, but died 4 months before the election. I believe he was 'eliminated', otherwise Daniel would not have gotten elected using Aleman's well-calculated formula.

Last I read, his son Israel Lewites was walking all over Nicaragua in a one-pilgrim's protest against the 'dictatorship'. That was in October 2008.

Sad but true

Jinotepe still won the cleanest City nomination in 2007... 2008 and onward well we all know what happened. i first moved here in 2005, it was different then. Also the net effect of tree cutting during the eighties, Jinotepe, according to old timers, warmed up considerably.

About he highest level of education... Makes for very smart thieves.


who the heck is that??

HERTY Lewites . . . tienes razon

Me equivoqué por tener los sesos en baño de Pellas' FdC - que error!

Muggings in Jinotepe

There is a gang of underage juvenile delinquents operating out of the barrio Pila Grande that have been claiming the streets through serial muggings and break-and-enters. The cops know who they are and have caught them red-handed at times but their hands are tied and they have to free them the next day because of Nicaragua's youth offender laws.

The hottest danger spots are the road leading into barrio Colonia Santiago, the north end of the Colonia, and the streets around the bus station to the north of the Texaco. The most dangerous time for muggings is 8 p.m. and later.

There are also rumours that two armed guys on motos have been doing hit-and-run muggings in broad daylight.

cooltop is ok

with me, location wise,what I don't like is them funny looking iglo type of living quarters :-) .

Weather up in San Nicolas(cool top area) is actually pleasant yearound .

I am shocked at the crime up in Jinotepe as well,whodatunk it.


I am just waiting for Fyl to finish/do everything else i want with Cool Top, then i will move in.

now you're sounding like

a sandinista pinatero lmao