Where do I get a mechanical inspection in Rivas?


I was told that I need a "yellow mechanical inspection" paper and there is a garage in Rivas that issues these. Does anyone know where the garage is located?

I'm heading up to Rivas today to meet our Nica friend so I can hopefully register the vehicle I bought in Managua. (I think this is a fools errand)

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Where though?

I'm still unsure where I can take my truck, specifically, in Rivas to get any of these annual inspections, or emissions performed. I don't mind paying the cords, but I want to have enough paperwork that is actually legal in the truck that I don't have to fight with the cops on the road (at least as much).

I'm going to be travelling for two weeks throughout the country during christmas and nye, so I'd like to get it done before then.

Any help or specific information is mucho appreciated.

Try behind the ESSO at the first Rotunda coming from Granada.

Don Hector runs a shop there. If not there take the road towards Tola and take the first left out of Rivas and on the right there is a mechanic who I believe can do it.


You don't need to register yourself as the owner of the car before getting the annual mechanical inspection certificate. The permit is for the car, not the owner.

You should also get an annual emissions inspection permit at the same time.

In Carazo I was charged a total of 350 cordobas for both, don't know how much they cost in Rivas.

Both annual certificates are requirements. I have never been asked for them in all the times I have been stopped by police. However, since we're talking about only $16 I think getting them is a good insurance policy given the hassle and cost of dealing with a ticket.

Not really

It is a "requirement". I don't know where you go but If you are going today, I suggest you go to the Police Station and ask the very people that will be asking you for it when they stop you; El Transito (the Traffic Police).

Most cab drivers would know as well.

Tip: Try not to develop preconceived ideas about how something is going to work here, it will show when you try to get it done.