ggnet tower and receiver

ggnet tower and receiver


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HughesNet System

available free to any Nica expat who wants it.

YOU get it to Nicaragua . . currently in California. 7700 modem . . . . .

PM me for more details.

How is it going?

Just following up wondering how it is working and costs?! Thanks!


To those of you who wondered about ggnet internet service, this is what the tower and receiver look like. They built the tower before they brought it out. They also brought out a (used, older) DLink router and set up wireless throughout the house. I am bringing down a better router in December, and Denis will come back out to configure it for me.

your internet

How well does it work, and what's the monthly cost? Congratulations....

Great Pic

I need something like that tower to see the Claro tower at Telpaneca clearly from my hill. I have cell service, but it's weak adn wouldn't support a good internet connection.. I planned to get a little higher, put an amplifier with a solar panel and small battery at the top (less possibility of theft -- unless they take the entire tower, of course). That tower would be perfect, but I think I could have both cell and internet with my plan,

Could you provide some contact info on the vendor please?


I bought the tower in connection with internet service, don't know if they would sell just a tower. is the website, and Parrothead, the prices are on the site -- vary by speed. So far, so good, but I only tested it a week before I had to head back to NM. I'll be down for six weeks beginning late December.


That type of tower is the norm here. Enitel sells them for about $70/section (10 feet) but, more often than not, someone welds them up themselves.

Doing one up here is on my Dec-Jan list for Douglas, Ana's brother who has two months away from school. I think the sides are just 3/4" EMT but not sure. Then #3 rebar is welded to it. The San Nicolas end of out Internet connection has a 40 foot one. It was installed by Enitel but the installer just had someone in Estelí make it.

My problem is that I don't climb towers. :-)

I had one in Granada

back in 2004 Turbonet, crap reception. Intermittent. 6 sections tall, Was not a problem to put it up, but a huge one bringing it down. Really curious about ggnet cost and performance. I now have 2MB service in Jinotepe from Claro, but at best i get 0.7MB up and 0.9MB down.


A friend mine with the same problem as yours solved it this week by buying a USB extension cable for $35 from Radio Shack. It is 16' long with a built in booster. He poked the dongle through a vent hole above a door looking at the tower, bypassing walls, windows, etc. Before, his service was 1024 but seldom reached 200. After installing, it exceeded 1500.

Elevation must be a key in all this. Until last week I was living in La Colonia Santiago which is roughly the same elevation as your house. I have 3-G wireless and while living in La Colonia the connection was as slow as molasses and cut out often every day. Last week I moved into la residencia Lomas De Andalucia and now live on a hill. Here my connection is very fast almost all of the time and never gets interrupted.


As in $1000/mo? Or am I missing something? Our service is 512kb which is the fastest wireless connection they offer at residential rates according to their web page. As this is renewal month, I would like to know if there was some option I was missing other than $1000/mo.


They provide up to 2 megs service and it is $65 a month for 1 meg.

That's my question

Here is the page for wireless service from Enitel. It offers 256kb and 512kb. There are faster rates for commercial and for DSL and DSL prices are good but not an option here.

The tower provided 512

But I am sure they can give you better speeds nowadays. The is a telemarketing business in Diriamba with a tower, Their speeds i understand are consistently over 1MB and they cannot afford to pay 1K a month!

Not Blazing Speed

compared to our 12 and 50 Mbs availabilities but very usable and $65 is not that much if you are doing a bit of business with it.

It's not all wine and roses here either: My house has a Verizon dsl connection that is cobbled onto the old telephone wire infrastructure. Goes out when it rains. They come out, find a dry wire pair and I'm good for a while. Luckily we don't get much rain. I have to go through the hour + long tech support routine before they send someone out. The PING utility takes so little overhead and is so forgiving that they can sometimes get a response from my modem but the service is so degraded that I can't bring enough down to open a page without timing out.

Cable at the business is much better, 12 Mbs and the cable companies now guarantee the speed unlike the old wild west days where everyone had access to the pipe. I have a two year contract with the dsl and will move to cable when it's ended.

If you have to do it from scratch (like Nicaragua) a combination of fiber and wireless seems to be the way to go.

Hughes Satellite

Is Hughes Satellite available or has anyone tried it? I have tried to contact Hughes and have not had success. I would like to see if available what the speeds and rates are if anyone knows.

Frogs have it easy, they eat what bugs them.

Hughes Won't Support

you outside of the US (need a US billing address and credit card).

I believe it's an option ONLY if you can't get something else. Their "Fair Use Policy" is waiting there to bite your butt, and heavy rain will degrade the signal.

I had a system set up in Key West for a few months, and became a certified HughesNet installer. This effort was predicated on a move to a hill east of Trujillo, Honduras, where satellite WOULD have been my only option. When that purchase fell through so did my interest in HughesNet.

I have the complete dish setup in storage plus a 7700 modem if anyone is truly interested . . .plus a lot of documentation on setting up the system. I think you would need a 1.8 meter dish in Nicaragua. That's what it took in Honduras to get a good signal. We also got DirecTV there with a 1.8 M dish.

wireless equipment . to Nicaragua

does any body knows. the .laws about wireless Nicaragua as most of you know. here in the us .you can have you .own wireless .. gear.. in you back yard.. // with no problem.. what about in Nicaragua how are the wireless frequency.. regulated any body... have any ideas on this.