Vehicle mechanical/emission permits: Carazo

Vehicle owners can renew their annual mechanical and emission permits at a testing station in Dolores on the main drag between Jinotepe and Diriamba. The mechanical test costs C250 and the emissions test is C100. The process takes about 20 minutes. The certificates and windshield sticker are handed out on-the-spot. The testing centre is open Monday to Saturday. No appoinment needed.

Directions: The testing centre is located inside the escuelo de manejo driving school, "Conductor del futuro", which is a cream-coloured two-storey building. As noted, it's on the road between Jinotepe and Diriamba, about 275 yards west of the Pastinic factory.The centre is on the north side of the road, that is, on your right if you're coming from Jinotepe and your left if you're driving from Diriamba.