Entry/Exit Fees

This will become the page with all the numbers. It will be references from the other pages in this Entering/Leaving Nicaragua section.

General Fees

  • Nicaragua exit fee: $2 (there are other considerations if you are a Nicaraguan resident but not Nicaraguan national)
  • Nicaraguan entry fee: $12 (This is for a tourist visa. Residents pay nothing.)

Specific Location/Type Fees

  • Sandino Airport Tax: $32 at time of departure—This is a fee to cover the cost of the airport. It could be included in the price of your ticket. (I believe this is really $30 plus the $2 exit fee.)
  • Costa Rica Airport Tax: $26 at time of departure—This always must be paid at the airport and, as I remember, only in US dollars.
  • Sapoa Municipality Tax (at the Sapoa/Peñas Blancas border with Costa Rica, collected in both directions): $1


  • A Nicaraguan national must obtain a visa to travel to Costa Rica. The visa can only be obtained at the Costa Rican consulate. It cannot be obtained at the border.
  • A non-national Nicaraguan resident must obtain a visa to exit Nicaragua. There are options for from 30 to 180 days. These can be obtained at the airport (just as you are entering the secure area) or, in the case of the Peñas Blancas crossing, in a building about 50 meters behind the actually check-out location.
  • The renewal fee for a Nicaraguan tourist visa is C$500 for each 30 days (up to 90 days). The fine for overstaying your visa is now C$50/day. (Thanks GranadaSherif):

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Costa Rica

The airport tax is now US$28 and can be paid with USD or colones. You may also pay your tax at many hotels prior to departure avoiding the frequently long queues to pay on departure day.


Inlaws came into MGA last Friday and each paid $10. They depart today, so will post what their exit fees are

dec 2011

For a resident: exit-- visa 200c, cash, cordovas, at the booth right when you enter the security area at the airport. Usually all of your other taxes are paid up-front with your airline ticket. This ain`t CR; they seem to like to do things the hard way at San Jose airport. If you look at the breakdown a $700 roundtrip ticket from the States will have almost $100 in assorted taxes and airport and security fees on both sides built into the ticket.

Tourists coming in pay $10, cash, US, for a tourist visa that says 30 days but your paasport is stamped 90 days.

Yes, lately there is a flu questtionnaire they hand you at the last minute. Carry a pen.

Coming in this week, customs was as minimal as usual. They run your stuff thru the machine and say nothing unless you have something to declare or an obvious big-ticket thing which will bump you over your personal stuff/$500 plus a laptop limit.

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