Do you have faith in Nicaragua's judicial system and courts?

7% (5 votes)
Sometimes Yes, sometimes No
4% (3 votes)
80% (55 votes)
No idea/opinion.
9% (6 votes)
Total votes: 69

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Same Same

I wonder how others would vote if this poll was "Do you have faith in (insert Country of residence/Canada/USA etc)'s judicial system and courts.

You will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do.

In Nicaragua you need to avoid the "legal system"...

like a you would a rabid dog! If you keep away from it, you stand a chance. If it bites you, make sure have a lot of help (and money) at hand.

So true

The polls here are certainly not scientific. The intent is to collect opinion which is, sometimes pretty interesting. Besides country you also need to consider who you are asking—a common error in many polls.

I have previously complained about some of the polls done in Nicaragua. For example, when the information is collected by making phone calls to fixed phones between 8AM and 5PM, you are polling people who have a home phone and are not working during the day. Very different from a typical Nicaraguan.

If you were asking this question about the US, I am sure that the opinions of rural blacks in Alabama would be very different from New York stock brokers. A more interesting question would be about whom you felt the judicial system favored.

The poll question

The current poll question is from the Gallup World Poll so it has been asked in many countries. I don't know whether they make the results available to the general public but it would be interesting to compare their results to ours. Completely unscientific, yes, our numbers are too small to be statistically significant.