Election Results in the Nicaraguan Press

Even for the Spanish impaired, the mainstream Nicaraguan press will offer you pretty easy to deal with information on election results. The front page of the web site of both major Nicaraguan newspapers have a language-free presentation of the results. While this information will not always be at the front page URLs, I am sure it will be up there for the next day or two.

While I expect a lot of press coverage in English, these two sites are likely to be the most up to date.

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international press coverage

The BBC has an article on its website and CNN has an article on Global Public Square.


This is my first Nicarauan election. I am not sure if it is normal or not, but there seems to be alot of angry people. I mean angry. I have heard stories of the army and police being called in to some neighborhoods here in Matagalpa, and I even heard someone was killed in Dario

1st Capt. Ron

(Title by Miskito Alan)

any info from folks on ground appreciated

I have been through elections in Belize and Hondurus, but this is the first Nicaragua election that I have really paid attention to. Partly because I am supposed to be travelling to Nicaragau next Friday. I honestly thought everything was somewhat peaceful given the international news reports and thought nothing of it (except my general annoyance with Ortega) until I talked to my Nicaraguan friend tonight who said just what you did - people are mad - really mad. They told me I might want to not come and they don't over react about anything. Anyone else hearing or seeing reactions on the ground? Expats? Americans? what are you up to? Is it safe?


I do live in the middle of nowhere but the whole community to the north is FSLN, the majority of the other folks in the area are PLC. Quiet is the right word.

A friend was in Estelí yesterday and said there was a lot of flag waving and such but that is normal. The election results are not a surprise and the campaign time has been pretty quiet. There is no reason for anything to be mad about.

This is Nicaragua

One of my friends was elected to the National Assembly and others of my neighbors were really smiling and waving today. I have been warned to stay off the street after dark, but haven't felt myself to be in any danger when walking home from the hotel where a visiting friend is staying (I'm now walk with a dog much of the time).

Jinotega came closer to a split vote than most of the other areas but I haven't witnessed anything more annoying than the four hour parade going through every block in town (I exaggerate -- maybe two hours).

I have heard that there were some local clashes -- might be better to figure out if you can avoid those areas than worry about avoiding the whole country.

Rebecca Brown

San Juan del Sur is asleep.

Its like nothing has happened. But then the town is an FSLN town. I would like to say ignore the hype but other areas are being affected. Where are you going to be while here?

Thanks for the updates

Thanks for the updates everyone. I am going to be in Managua, SJDS, Grenada, Masaya, and Diriamba. Honestly, I thought nothing of the whole thing having been through a few Latin American elections until my friend called.

i live near the stadium..

where the votes were counted..a lot of people there sundat night but it was peaceful..the rotundra at plaza inter..had a lot more flag wavers than usal.walked by there no problems..so i would say the parts of mga.i saw..was pretty peaceful

Lot of Angry people. Only

Lot of Angry people. Only violence in a few places in Nica. Appears to be fairly quiet here in Managua. But we have mainly stayed indoors. I know the Nica friends on the FB list are pretty ticked and angry. Was a demonstration/celebration down by Metrocentre (Managua) no clue how that turned out.

I think there were a few happy people as well, perhaps

Or he would not have won in a landslide. Sure there were a few irregularities, but from what I read it seemed about the same as always, and certainly not enough to move the needle.

"if you see someone who has lost their smile, give them one of yours"


earned his keep.

``The government is clearly Marxist. The question is whether it is Karl or Groucho``

Angry or just not getting reported?

As a follow up - I talked to an American in SJDS today who is a friend and says things are really quiet. then I talk to a nicaraguan who explains that there was a big fight on the Masaya road right near the mall today and the riot police were called in. The Americans are saying to me "don't worry come here and travel" and the Nicaraguans are telling me - wait until the weekend. They say its "too quiet" All it will take is 2-3 dead people and then the fighting will really begin. Just hearing both sides of the coin....and not sure what is more sensational and what is the truth......not much in the way of reporting from the major news sources except for those in Nica.

I live right by the action

I live right by the action today on Masaya Highway, near stop & go!! I can only say "supposed" FSLN people as that was what I was told--was causing the trouble by the Stop & Go. From what I could see maybe a group of 10-20. I could plainly see young guys throwing rocks at people just walking by! Saw them chase down on motor bikes a lady and her kid and throw rocks at him!! At any moment, 1 sensed shytte was going to really hit the fan, but from what I saw it was limited to those cowardly acts and mortars! Still not a very safe situation. As some have said its quiet, maybe too quiet?? Don't really know what to expect, but I'm sure more is to come

frustrated by lack of coverage.

I am just flored. There is absolutely NOTHING on the US Embassy site and every time I open up La Prensa there are like 3-5 more people dead in another clash. Nothing in the international news - I get two differing stories one from you all on the ground and a whole different story from people that are out SJDS way. I just really don't know what to make of it - I don't want to cancel my trip, but also not be stupid. I appreciatu you all sharing the news.

I have no clue whats going

I have no clue whats going to happen, only been in country a few months. Yesterdays skirmish up in the Santo Domingo area lasted a few hours. I know it took some people close to 2 hrs to get home--when normally its a 20-30 min commute! Is what took place by us bad, yes, but is it CNN news worthy, hard to say. I know my 1 guard was close to 2 hrs late for work and he said he felt scared walking to work, and had to take cover in someones yard because of the demonstration!

I was out yesterday to Heumbes market, Price Smart and everything was normal!! I think it was around 2pm when we got word about the demonstration starting at 3. I have family coming in 1.5 weeks, and they are still coming. We have to change what we plan on accomplishing during their visit, so be it.

Remember where you are

This is the land of not quite right!!! Everthing will blow over soon , if there wasn't mortar laden skirmishes this wouldn't be Nicaragua. I remember when the Riot police came out during the whole Student 6% Ya fiasco, things eventually settle down, like Bob Marely mused about, "Every little thing is gonna be alright".

CNN in Spanish

did a bit of coverage on the election results with "experts" and all. they even did cover some of the riots.

Here is my opinion for those who want to come to Nicaragua.....

1. Come - you are as likely to get hurt as you are likely to be run over by a car where you live. 2. Be smart, if you are here to stay in Managua - don't bother coming, if you are here to go just about anywhere else, then you are OK.

Confrontations in Jinotepe

for the first time in Jinotepe there are confrontations between FSLN & PLI. Riot police is involved. Right now tempers are high, we will see, it will probably all die down soon, I would be surprised if it escalates.


More protests around Managua today around 3, so I have been told!

Thank you for keeping us updated

this is all good to know from someone on the ground.

Can't tell you where, as the

Can't tell you where, as the email I received just stated Managua! I can hear some of those Mortars in the Gallerias direction, but not that many

San Juan La Concha La Concepcion

I have just returned after an extended stay in San Juan-La Concha-La Concepcion region...The media sensationalized a few minor outburst between the Liberals and the Sandinista's...A few, as in a half dozen, police came broke up some out spoken people, expressing themselves a bit more than need be...After that incident all has been relatively quiet. It was annoying to me that the media felt the need to photograph the whole thing, post it on the internet with crazy music, repeating the same shots over and over for several minutes...They made it look like it was something more than it truly was.