Alcohol Sales Surrounding the Election

I was just wondering if anyone knew what the exact laws are for alcohol sales surrounding the elections. The consensus I've heard so far is no sales Saturday through Monday, but does anyone know the hours when sales start and stop?

Thanks! Tuck

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La Prensa Story

So, La Prensa just came out with the following article, but it only refers to liquor: Does anyone have other news sources on the situation (specifically the sale of beer at restaurants)? Or better yet, does anyone remember what has happened in past elections? Every Nicaraguan that we've talked to has said that 'guaro' can't be sold, but that's it.


From the Official PN Press Release

PRESS RELEASE - National Elections From six in the evening (6 p.m.) on Saturday 05th November until six in the morning (6 a.m.) on Monday, November 7th, 2011 it is prohibited to distribute, transfer or sell alcoholic beverages of any kind by supermarkets, grocery stores, bars, convenience stores, liquor stores, entertainment centers, restaurants and the like, as well as to consume in public places and streets.

NOTA DE PRENSA - Elecciones Nacionales …”Un aspecto importante, es que se dispuso establecer la conocida “ley seca”, a partir de las seis de la tarde del día sábado 05 de noviembre, hasta las seis de la mañana del día lunes 07 de noviembre del 2011, período en el que queda prohibida la distribución, comercialización, traslado y venta de bebidas alcohólicas de todo tipo, en supermercados, pulperías, bares, tiendas de conveniencia, licorerías, centros de diversión, restaurantes y similares, así como el consumo en lugares públicos y en la vía pública”…


Juanno, thanks so much for the info. It doesn't say anything about liquor sales between now and Friday at 6pm, though. I wonder if La Prensa is correct or if they just made up that information.

Not been announced yet.

What is does say on the PN web site is that: "The police institution is working in coordination with various institutions involved in the electoral process. In the early days of November they will be conducting a press conference where they will announce the the bans on alcoholic beverages, firearms, weapons and recommendations for the entire population"


Alright, I guess we'll wait a few days then. Thanks for the info!