External Look at Ortega's Direction

The Costa Rica News offers a look at the direction Ortega II is taking Nicaragua and why. The article has a dumb title and needs some serious editing but, in spite these flaws, offers some reasonable insights. (My guess is that it is sourced from something in Spanish but no credit or author is given.)

I have called it external opinion because it comes from a Costa Rica publication but it does have some internal quotes. Knowing the source/author would certainly help one understand it.

The crisis of 2008 saw emerge Daniel Ortega to a pragmatist. I search in the private sector for an ally to weather the storm that threatened Nicaragua, so dependent on the market as US investments. “Created is what is now called economic pragmatism.” “At this stage there is good communication,” explains Zamora [of COSEP].

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this line is particularly amusing

Behind was the suspicion that produced the arrival to power of the ex-gorilla, in January 2007.

Electronic translations sure do have their limitations....


Apparently the source was not important to an on-line Gringo paper. Thanks.