All things considered, what is the overall effect of tourism on the Nicaraguan people?

It's beneficial.
73% (53 votes)
Overall, it's neutral.
16% (12 votes)
It's bad for them.
8% (6 votes)
No idea/opinion.
3% (2 votes)
Total votes: 73

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Changing attitudes

Last night, I saw the new Johnny Depp movie, "The Rum Diary". Based in Puerto Rico in 1960, in the early days of their tourism development, you can't help but compare it to Nicaragua. You see the same natural beauty, you see what draws people, the contrast between rich and poor, and similar issues like access to beach property and influence in the legal system. No surprises. Interesting movie, even some cockfighting scenes.

I don't doubt that if it was made in 1960, it would have shown only a North American perspective. However in this movie, we're introduced to the antagonism between the locals and the foreigners pretty quickly. Only Depp, as a new reporter at the local newspaper, seems to take notice. Pretty clearly, there were consequences to bad behavior.

In a way, I was reminded of this poll. Back when times were simple and issues seemed less complicated, would we all have thought tourism was great?

prob right...

I read a review on the Rum Diary in the LA Times to see it. It said that Depp is channeling a younger Hunter S. Thompson.

Still "the good ole days" in Nicaragua as far as I'm concerned.

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