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I am interested in sending a small package to Nicaragua, but I don't want to pay the high prices of UPS or risk having my stuff damaged or stolen with Medrano Express. Does anyone know of any reliable companies who can take care of this? I realize the aduana is always the wildcard and as I have already ready I can pay a mediator to take care of the issue. Any inputs would be appreciated.

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Shipping small packages to EU

What is the cheapest option for sending small packages to EU?


Generally, correos is the cheapest option for most any destination.

correos - more questions

Thank you for the answer.

Can you tell me more about correos:

1. Will they ship from Esteli? 2. Do you have a link to their web? 3. How much would it cost approximately to ship 2 kg?

Go ask

Their web page is, as one would expect, I did see that the web page says you can call 124 with questions but my guess is that it is far easier to go there and ask. They are now more or less at Mil Colores, 3c este. They are in a house which is on the SE corner and faces the N-S street. Same tiny sign outside.

Clearing Aduana

It all depends on what you're shipping.

If you are shipping medicines, you may need a permit from Ministerio de Salud (Minsa)

If you are shipping electronics, mostly communications equipment, you may need a permit and/or license from Telcor.


small packages of what

from where in the US? Customs fees seem to vary--from nothing on used clothes and household goods to a whole bunch plus whatever disappears in route on other stuff. I shipped 2 boxes of used stuff by Saenz Express in L. A. with no problems.

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I'm sorry to mention that.

I'm sorry to mention that. I live in Hampton, VA across the water from Norfolk. I don't recommend Medrano Express at all. I shipped from LA with them and then from Richmond VA and the items were received either damaged or missing.

I've used Medrano Express successfully but it takes a while

The boxes are handled roughly so packing things inside Rubbermaid storage boxes inside the Medrano Express box is a good idea. Everything on the inventory showed up; things I was sure I'd slipped in at the last minute didn't. The inventory needs to be thorough and say things like "one plastic box. Inside: 13 forks, 12 spoons." Aduano wants model numbers and serial numbers for electronic goods (one of the things shipped that arrived fine was a knife sharpener). I'd pad the box with clothes or linens in flat bags on the sides, bottom, and top, and put anything relatively fragile in the center of the box, and inside another box. They're going to put your box in a shipping container and won't ship until the container is full.

They will take a while. They will pick up and deliver door to door.

Aduano does want the list to be thorough and with a count of the numbers of each item. You're only insured for what's on the list.

Rebecca Brown


I still didn't get pay for all the stuff that was missing and that I had declared. Never heard from Medrano. I don't send thru them anymore. Nicaragua Aduana takes too long and they stole half of the stuff I sent last year . It took over 4 months. Now I pay some one that goes to Nic. I sent a luggage with them:Easy ,fast and reliable a little experience but all worth it.

I Just Shipped

twelve pounds to Sao Paulo Brazil using the USPS' Priority Mail service. It cost $85, a third or less of what Fed Ex would have charged, and took a week (including a weekend). Fed Ex would have got it there in 3-5 business days. I had a tracking number, and it showed the package leaving the US and then arriving in Brazil, and of course, delivered to the customer. This was from Boise, Idaho, which is not exactly the center of the universe.

These were computer components primarily, and couple of specialized circuit boards. The box arrived with no damage, and complete. Granted, these were not items that were at a high risk for theft. I use USPS, and the government services like Royal Post and Deutche Post for shipping between the US and northern Europe. This was my first USPS experience with Brazil, other than media shipments.

I use Fed Ex for shipments to "developing countries". The cost is very high but I've never lost anything and the packages seem to clear customs quickly.

I find USPS priority mail service uniformly very good in the US. I use the Priority envelope quite a bit, and at $5 it's about $10 cheaper than the comparable Fed Ex service with my Fed Ex discount. Still, If something HAS to get there without fail I will always use Fed Ex.

Has anyone had experience using the USPS Priority Mail service to Nicaragua?

USPS to Nicaragua

I use it all the time and it is pretty well documented in pages about shipping. Here is a summary of the good and the bad.

  • If the total time to get from Texas (I have a private mailbox in Houston) is 10 days (typical), it normally will spend seven in the US. My guess why this happens (and why those seven days may include trips from Houston to Chicago) is that the volume to Nicaragua is fairly low and the USPS tries to fill some sort of container first.
  • Tracking is only as far as in Managua. Thus, if it gets lost in Nicaragua you will have no further information. (This has never happened.)
  • If the package does go to customs (some don't and shouldn't, some should and don't) it could be there for a day or a month. Sometimes you will be asked for an invoice--even though there is an invoice on/in the box.
  • Once it is delivered to the local post office you have to go to BANPRO, fill out three deposit slips and deposit the duty amount. Yes, three because there are three different charges and you, not the post office, must sort out the charges. (You used to just pay the duty in the post office but apparently there was not enough overhead in that system.)

I have shipped things via postal mail from Australia, Canada, China, Dubai, Spain, Thailand and other places. I have shipped everything from books to gold coins. I have had untracked items from China and Thailand disappear but never from anywhere else. In general, shipping times from Australia, Canada, Spain and the UK have been half the time (typically five days) than from the US.