Work Permit

How does one get a work permit in Nica? The immigration office says the employer hiring me must send the acceptance letter as well as the salary i will be making. The problem: the company wont hire or consider me unless I have a work permit! What am I supposed to do?

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You can be a part of an SA (with at least one Nica)

For Key West below...

But strictly speaking cannot "work" in that business, like serve customers or the like (think of it as you are not allowed to be taking a job position that a local could do).

You can manage and supervise in a way that would look after your interests so to speak. That's all.

How Do These

." . . SA . . .with at least one Nica .." actually work in practice . . ? Is it just a name on the paperwork, or do you actually have to partner with a Nica on an on-going basis ?

I understand the "can't work" part from KAT's posts about her experiences at Gato Negro. Some of her comments seem to indicate a "GOTCHA" attitude on the part of the Nicaraguan enforcement bureaucracy.

That's just one anecdotal experience, and may not reflect the experience of others who have had business experience in Nicaragua.

So I took a look at the Immigration Law

and a bunch of you folks are in trouble!

Chapter II, Article 4(d):

Grounds for rejection of your application for residency:

"...people who practice habitual laziness."

I plan to do nothing else in Nicaragua! Oh, yeah, and spend money in the local economy.

Wherever you go, there you are. -- Carl Franz


Artículo 45 - Artículo 57 speaks to working under the different types of Residency.

Its quite complex, the different temporary and permanent residencies.

Google LEY DE EXTRANJERÍA and it will come out quite clear in "translate this page"

Not aware of such a thing, only a Residency Card with a code 1

You bio says you are an American living in Nica with a Nicaraguan Husband. So you should be able to get one easily.

More details

Juanno's answer is correct but let me try to translate that into "non-Nicaraguan" for other readers.

Cédulas come in flavors Type 1 and Type 2. (I think there are only those two.) A typical Type 2 is in a rentista or pensionado. With those cédulas you are not permitted to have a job. (You can, for example, create an S.A. and earn from it but you cannot seek regular employment.)

With a Type 1, the kind you get if your residency is based on being married to a Nicaraguan, you are treated the same as a Nicaraguan citizen except you don't have political rights and your residency is subject to renewal every five years.

By political rights the most obvious is that you don't get to vote but you are also not allowed to participate in the political process. You could not, for example, campaign for a candidate.

Is An SA

the only legal entity possible for a small business?

In the US we have a wide variety of flavors, from sole proprietorship through LLC to at least a couple types of incorporation.

Small hotel, B&B, other tourist oriented business would require an SA? How about just selling the produce from a small farm and paying tax liabilities?

work permit

It always seems like I have an experience different from others.

I have worked for 3 different english schools here, and not one has asked me for a work permit.

1st Capt. Ron

(Title by Miskito Alan)

Skipper Ron

Did the schools ask to see your cedula?


if fact, I worked for the first school while I only had a visa.

1st Capt. Ron

(Title by Miskito Alan)

Does this mean

I am living lik e a Nica? --jaja

1st Capt. Ron

(Title by Miskito Alan)