Container Pricing

Here's some pricing for container shipping that I thought was fair:

Does anyone else have any direct contacts? I've noticed that 20' containers in very good shape are available for about $2K; is there any issue with transporting the entire container to your destination (after clearing customs, of course) ?


20’ x 8’ x 8’ Container (up to 7,500 lbs) from Oakland to Port Corinto, NICARAGUA – you pack, you load within four days $2,980

Service includes –

- ocean freight

- export documentation

- U.S. customs clearance

- U.S. port fees.

Service does not include – destination port fees/terminal handling/customs clearance/trucking, examinations, port strikes, storage/demurrage, duties/taxes and/or door delivery.

Rate valid for 30 days.


(shipping warehouse and showroom)

1453 Doolittle Drive

San Leandro, CA 94577

Tel 510-636-4646

Fax 510-636-4640

Website -

E-Mail -

Aris Export is an international moving company, specializing in the transportation of household goods, personal effects and vehicles overseas.

Aris Export has been in business for 36 years. We are located in San Leandro (one mile from the Oakland Airport).

Aris Export sells 220v/50-60hz electrical appliances for use overseas. Please visit our showroom to view all of the items we have to offer. We sell appliances by -


General Electric



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Is anyone currently shipping a container from Miami Florida and would like to share? Or does anyone have any shipping contacts in FL? Let me know. Thank you


From Los Angeles county to the port of Long Beach.

40' container delivered at home.

5 men work crew to load into container a 3 bedroom house hold goods + an extended cab P.U. truck and a motorcycle sitting on the truck's bed.

I paid on 11/2010, about $4.3 K.

The nicaraguan owned company in Los Angeles is:


What was

the cost to bring the container to NICA and get it to customs? Your note apears to not include that part, or doe it?ZZT

That price is about 1k too

That price is about 1k too high, don't pay more than 2k from Long Beach to Corinto. The 7,500lb weight limit is weird too, you should be allowed at least 33K for a 20' container.

Container Pricing

KeyWestPirate, We use a guy out of Los Angeles. The great thing about him is he takes care of everything from the US to his warehouse in Managua. You can deliver the stuff to his house in LA or he will pick it up at your house in a truck (extra). Once he gets the stuff the next time you see it is in his warehouse in Managua. He takes care of everything including getting it out of customs in Managua. On our first shipment we tried doing this ourselves. It took us 2 days of running around Managua getting signatures, approvals, documents stamped, copies, morbida, etc. After this we decided to just pay him a little extra to do it for us and save the headaches.

We have been shipping with him now for over 10 years and have never had a problem with any damaged or missing goods. He takes a video or pictures of your stuff when he loads it on the container. He then sends this to his relative in Managua. We have sent everything from a car, refrigerator, washer/dryer, TV, stereo, large light fixtures, sofas, love seats, coffee/end tables, table lamps, dining table/chairs, cabinets, bicycles, tools, etc. with no problem.

His pricing is based on how much room your stuff takes up in the container. The car we shipped was an SUV and we loaded it full of stuff so there was just enough room for someone to drive it. By the way shipping the car to Nicaragua was a bad idea. It was made to California emission standards and does not work good with the Nicaragua gas. The first time the orange check engine light came on we panicked. The manual said take it immediately to the dealer. Not very easy when you are 5 hours from the nearest paved road. We found out the Nicaragua gas clogs the oxygen sensors. After several trips to a mechanic to turn it off we just leave it on now. If I remember correctly the shipper charged about $1,200 to send the car and all the stuff but this was several years ago.

If anyone wants his name/phone number let me know. Nicaman

Shipping to and from Managua

Hello Nicaman! Would appreciate any good contact information for shipping between Nicaragua and the U.S. Thank you!

Shipping to Big Corn Island

Nicaman, Do you have any information on how to ship from Managua to Big Corn? I'd also like to have your LA shipper's information. Thank you, Mark

Loading Container in Corinto


I drove here from Oregon with my family, we have experienced medical, mechanical,and financial issues and are forced to fly home. my car is too old to import . I have found a good rate quote from Corinto to LAX but need a company to help load and secure container please advise if you know anyone that can help, i am under very tight time restrictions

Can you . . .

Send me the contact information? We are trying to figure all of this out as we are preparing to move to Nica in the next year. Thanks!

Nicaman, I'm interested in

Nicaman, I'm interested in the info for the shipper, as well. Please e-mail me.


Hi Nicaman, can I have the name/ number of the shipper? Thanks!

container shipping

Nicaman - please send me your shipper's contact info, inlcuding website if available. Thanks

Containers vs. LCL

This thread started out about container pricing but we now are talking about LCL (Less than Container Load) shipping. You can find all so many threads here that, at best, confuse the two. They are quite different things.

I insert this here because the almost constant unanswered question is shipping of freight that is not a container load. An extension of that is consolidated freight. There are very different issues involved. I suggest we keep the discussions separate.

on this one Phil, you are 100% correct

There is shipping and there is shipping companies, between them you have a variety of options including agents from this to China.

The closer you are getting to the REAL shipper it will be cheaper, but again here is a surprise, if you ship partial shipment you might make a better deal with a independent agent, but you also run into other issues. Airfreight is not that expensive, for a few items, get the cost of a LD3 container or similar and see what the difference is, 24 hours versus ................what.

Shipping is shipping, no magic involved, there is rates settled long time ago based on agreements with different agencies and port fees. There is no such a thing as the $1.000 container from anywhere, look up the records of any shipping company before you do biz, be sure to have a INTERNATIONAL insurance and most of all, have a friend in customs in Managua. I paid my stuff that's for sure when I brought in vermiculite and per lite to Nicaragua, I was actually accused of making a nuclear there you go, do your home work here first, try to get some hard to get items here in Nica, fill a container, make some money on the extra stuff and you will be happy. I need a lawn mower, so here you got your first customer, and I even pay in advance. Greetings Roger.

You've Got A


>>>> I want a lawn too!

Remember "WildFlower" trying to find sod for her rental in Jinotega last year? We never heard from her again after she left for Costa Rica . . .

That is inconsiderate

She could have at least told us how wonderful Costa Rica is (because they have car seats for kids on the buses or whatever) or that it sucks too.

Seriously, comparisons are important. I have suggested to some that Costa Rica would be a better fit for them but I sure don't want to live there.

Ontario Canada

If anyone knows a guy near Toronto who is as dependable as Nicaman's guy in LA, please me know a.s.a.p.

As They Say In LA

Muchas Garcias!

Thank you.

LCL vs Container

Difficult for the first time shipper to know how to go. An area where different strokes definitely applies. " ..a few of my favorite things ..." vs stuff to start a business. Or, some combination of the two: enough tools and supplies to gain a toehold, and then the "works". Clearly different goals too, if you are building on a rural site, or buying an existing home that you will furnish.

As emigration to Nicaragua heats up again (as it must, especially for retirees) opportunities to share a container will increase.

It's more about the timing than anything else. This information is much appreciated.

I know that some of the "live like a Nica" crowd is looking down their noses at this post, but Nicaragua is only going to work for me if my wife is a happy camper. I suspect that's true for many guys.

Most wives like the amenities. I can sleep in a ditch or on a sandy beach if I have to when I'm on a walkabout, but that's NOT Shelley.