Cactus Flower

Cactus Flower

Not sure what kind it is. It was on the main road through the Tisey reserve, about 200 meters north of the CoolTop entrance road

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Flower will turn to the fruit you see in upper left...If it was pollinated of course. This is not an issue in Nica but in Florida I hand pollinate my Pitayas. I bet this picture was taken 2 days or so after full moon. Most of my Pitayas will flower soon-probably next full moon night. Then 6-7 weeks the fruit will develop and turn red. I go by feel to gauge if they are ready. I make drinks and ice cream with them here in the states. I use ice cream scoop and save the flesh in freezer for months. Grows like a weed in Nica but in Florida needs some TLC. August is prime month in Nica for this great fruit. I know a place in Nica where I get the Pitaya fruit for 3-5 cords each in mid to late August by the basket. Pitaya Rocks! Peak Season is near-Wish I was there!


there are 3 species native to Nic., with a lot of variability within the species. Actually, there can be a lot of variability within the same plant. All 3 produce the pitaya fruit.

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