Tico car


Me and my wife are living in Costa Rica and are planning to move to San Juan Del Sur. My wife is Nica with Tico residency. I have a Tico car. From what I have read on here. It seems to be a pain to import it so I probably will eventually sell it in Costa Rica but initially I would like to bring it to SJDS. Once we are confident we will stay, I will sell the car back in Costa Rica via my brother in law who lives there. Then buy a Nica car.

I think i have to take it out like a perpetual tourist every thirty days.

Can someone please advise if this is correct and also what constitutes "taking it out and re entering"?

I.E. Does that mean I just need drive it back into Costa Rica and then re enter a couple minuted later? The Tico papers required are simple to bring the car as a tourist car as we have done it before. Am wondering how much of a pain doing it maybe 3 4 times would be.

Thanks in advance!

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Why bother?

Bring the car the first trip to make it easier to bring your stuff. Then, just take it back to Costa Rica and leave it with your brother in law. SJdS is clearly a place where you don't need a car.

Tico car

Need a car for lots of reasons.

i dont care where..

i live i need a car..where do u go grocery shopping in sjds..how many gringos will go to the marcado and buy meat..i did the bus stuff when i was younger..now its my truck or stay home

i think u..

have to take it out for 72 hrs..yes its a pain

Tico car

Are you sure there is a 72 hour requirement?

I live in Costa Rica and many perpetual tourists here that do their border runs for their visa (to Nicaragua actually) "think" there is a 72 hour requirement for themselves. That is urban legend actually and it is a rule that is only to get a twice a year customs exemption of $600.00 of stuff into Costa Rica.

For individuals, all they have to do is leave for any amount of time. 72 hours or 72 seconds and their visa is renewed. But somehow the people here got it mixed with the customs regulation and all the perpetual tourists here BELIEVE they have to go out for 72 hours.

Wondering if it is the same for a car or person renewing a visa in Nicaragua. IE going to Costa Rica and then back into Nicaragua?

You must be CR resident otherwise you would know that...

...the 72 hour rule is rigidly applied by CR (but not Nicaragua) so much so that at the Panama border they time and date the exit stamp and count hours when you come back into CR.

Many a hotel in Granada and SJdS have 3 day specials catering to "Visa Runs" as they are known.


The 72 hour requirement is a myth. Possibly started and perpetuated by hotels in Nicaragua and Panama. You can leave for any amount of time from CR and re enter. 72 hours or 72 seconds.

Anyhow, wondering that the requirements are to renew a a Tico car to be in Nicaragua.?

Moving toward an answer

I don't have the answer but if you read the transit law you will see in Article 134 that it is DGI, not the Transit law which sets the requirements/conditions. that should give you enough information to do the homework.