Any idea what the context is for this street art?

Any idea what the context is for this street art?

It's in Jinotega on the street that goes by the cemetery entrance.

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if not mistaken

this is a hip hop " artist" his name is j-z he is famous hip hop artist in the state and i think its part of the urban movement, i really dont know the context of this art on the wall, only think i could think about is that the person who did it likes j-z and likes to immitate that urban movement, hes a sucky rapper by the way but what do i know i dont like rap

I heard it was done by a Spanish artist

Jay-Z doesn't appear to wear suits that often. The story I heard was that it was commissioned by German Pomares' son. It's looking up at the FSLN headquarters which may or may not be a statement.

Rebecca Brown

Google Jay-Z Images

I think Pocoyo got it dead right.

Add the word Cigar after his name, there are a couple at least that this image could have been was copied from.

And he wears suits a lot.

What would it mean if it was on a wall in downtown Moscow?...Nothing, other that he has an International fan base.

I am sure that by asking around, or just stand there and admire it one day, you could find out enough to add to the story.

Um, I'll have to see

...what I come up with by asking around. Whoever owns the building it's on obviously has no problems with it.

I did find the other photograph of the dove and will post that to show how really sick it looked.

Rebecca Brown