Arrested for Crossing the Border with More than $10,000

ABC reports that former Miss Honduras was arrested for crossing the Nicaragua-Honduras border without declaring the $47,000 equivalent she had with her.

Special services police spokesman Alex Madrid said 25-year-old Belgica Suarez was arrested with euros and British pounds on a Honduran highway near the Nicaraguan border. Madrid said the beauty queen failed to declare the money when she crossed the border from the city of Esteli in Nicaragua.

Her claim that she earned it modeling in Europe seems credible. This is but one of several accounts where someone has been arrested for not declaring funds in excess of $10,000 when crossing a border in Latin America. If you legitimately wanted to travel across a border with this amount of money, would you feel comfortable declaring it at a border post?

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Fomer Miss Honduras Released

Honduras granted the dismissal on Tuesday night.

Having not proven that "The money came from illicit activities, the judge declared the dismissal."

All's well that ends well.

another beauty queen

wasnt there another beauty queen arrested not too long ago for smuggeling drugs?

1st Capt. Ron (Title by Miskito Alan)

Yes, Colombian beauty queen arrested on drug charges


I dont think so. It sounds like a new strategy (tactic) to me.

1st Capt. Ron (Title by Miskito Alan)

Its not working, I mean look the Columbian in the article above

I would find every reason known to man to keep her at the border for more checking!!

Honduran law requires the

Honduran law requires the public prosecutor/police to now document the source of the funds. Though it might not mean anything, the "facts" look suspicious to police, perhaps especially to those in checkpoint units. She is said to have had two passports. These with more than 20 entrance stamps in less than 2 months, and which bear visas to countries in which she has no documented work and did not mention visiting. There were measurable funds, in 6 currencies not including Honduran Lempiras (33,000 Euros alone). There were no receipts, bank statements, employment contracts, business or work data, or any paperwork in her possessions. At least one credit card and other documentation is tied to a Swiss bank account.

A hard working and beautuful 'Mule'...

Wasn't someone on here looking for one of those a while back?

Yeah, but

I am looking for one that works standing up. You have a good memory.ZZT

no..on the border Xing..

but i also wouldnt be carrying that kind of cash.driving down the road..

I Carried Cash

from the US to Nicaragua when I bought my farm. Just seemed a lot simpler than arranging a wire to a bank I didn't know and possibly losing the money there. The seller claimed to not have a bank account. I timed the trip for the closing, expecting to go directly from the airport to my attorney's office. Unfortunately, the closing was delayed a couple of weeks and nobody told me so I was forced to haul the money around. I was in Lagartillo a good part of the time, not a high risk area.

I counted the money out in front of the seller and my attorney. Having the cash did seem to simplify that part of the process . .

I declared it on the customs form. No one gave me a second look or asked about it.

To not have declared it risked losing it.

If it were hundreds of thousands instead of tens of thousands I would have looked for a different way of moving the money.