21: The Story of Roberto Clemente

21: The Story of Roberto Clemente is a new book about Roberto Clemente described as a graphic novel. The book was written by Wilfred Santiago, a cartoonist.

Clemente is, of course, famous in Nicaragua as he was killed when a plane bring relieve supplies to Nicaragua after the 1972 earthquake was lost. News-a-Rama offers more information and an interview with the author.

Of course, there’s much more to Clemente’s life story. Cartoonist Wilfred Santiago’s new book 21: The Story of Roberto Clemente aims to touch on Clemente the baseball player and Clemente the tragedy, but its prime goal is to show readers Clemente the man. Raised in poverty in Puerto Rico, coming into professional baseball during segregation, always dedicating himself to causes he believed in, Clemente stands as a real-life superhero for millions of people around the world.

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A Good Man.

Losing loved ones and everything we owned was bad enough and then losing one of my baseball heroes, a little too much for an almost 10 year old to bear. A Good Man indeed.

Roberto Clemente's

Son said in an interview that his father often spoke about his fascination with Nicaragua because it reminded him of how his native Puerto Rico used to be. The Nicas are so humble and warm people, just like back in the good old days.

My immediate interpretation of it was “aha! before the influence of Gringo culture". At the time, it was like a fair explanation of my own fascination with Nicaragua.

As a native of Nicaragua, I had heard many visitors talk about the “humble and warm people of Nicaragua”. Quite frankly I thought they were just being polite. I had to move to Canada to apreciate what that meant. I guess the saying nadie sabe lo que tiene hasta que lo pierde applies here but I’m sure the same happens when you move to Nicaragua.

Today I think it has to do more with being able to know what is right for you, adapt to it and make it your home. Easy statement to write,

Having said that, my childhood memories of Nicaragua are filled with joy, for the most part, lots of family and neighbours. Basically surrounded (?) by soo many people (and yes, all of them talking at the same time, lol) every day of my life. There was hardly a dull moment that I can recall.

Very talented baseball player and passionate human being he was.


roberto clemente was a great football player, he was really good at playing soccer, he would make the basket everytime he shoot the ball.

i would not be surprise to find such a comment.

well he played good baseball, and had a great heart. i have a baseball bat signed by roberto when he visited miami before traveling to nicaragua. ...........

im from the pittsburgh area..

remember him from when i lived up there..everyone..loved him..a good man

Robero Clemente was a great man n ballplayer

He got exactly 3,000 hits, then passed away when the plane he was flying in crashed, just after take-off in the waters surrounding his native Puerto Rico. The plane was on a humanitarian mission, delivering much needed medical supplies to the survivors of the devastating Nicaraguan earthquake of Dec. 1972. Rumor has it Clemente had alterior motives to visit Nicaragua as well, his querida, mistress, lived in Masaya, those Nica women!!!