Veterinarian - Rivas/San Juan del Sur

Looking for recommendations for a veterinarian in the Rivas and/or San Juan del Sur area for our much loved, pet we hope to avoid a trip to Managua for vaccinations, routine care, etc.

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It is very sad seeing all

It is very sad seeing all these dogs for sale on the side of the road. As well as all the skinny strays, breaks my heart! We already have 1 dog and 2 cats, so I think it would be unsafe to bring a Nica puppy into our clan, as your never sure how truly healthy they are. We know of a few people that have picked up the roadside puppies, and they are just fine. Puppy mills happen everywhere, big problem in rural USA/Canada. Where do you think many of the pet store dogs come from----Puppy Mills!!! I'd love to put humans who treat animals like that, in those same cramped cages/conditions!

In Managua I can recommend Veterinarios Asociados. The 2 vets speak very decent English. Our dog had to have minor surgery to remove a growth on her foot. I was very impressed, She had to have Anesthesia, has they had to cut it off, the stitches looked nice, and they put her on antibiotics, pain meds and instructions in English on how to care for it (Hydrogen peroxide and Neobol Spray) Ttl bill was $62!!! Teeth cleaning was goin gto be another $35, but they didnt have time to do it. They have 2 locations, one is just up from the Gallerias Mall, enroute Grenada, just before the hospital turn off, its # is 2255 1201. The other 1 is by The Diner (close to the USA Embassy) and its # is 2265 0484. If you Google Veterinarios Asociados Nicaragua, you can find their webpage. Friend had her Dog Neutered there as well, and all was well. Cheers


Hi, This site is weird. I could not post a new topic but am allowed to respond to a topic. I then sent a message and received a message back stating"if your topic is not login related it will be quietly ignored" Tht is sociopathic and not Nica I certainly hope it was a joke. I need to find the best Vet in Managua for my gorgeous adopted dog.

One more thing. People stop buying breed dogs and start adopting the gorgeous dingo-looking central american dogs-they are a lot smarter and they need homes. Thank you for being humane while in this loving Catholic country. Leela

If I were going to try another Nica country-bred dog again

...I'd make arrangements to supervise the pre-natal care of the mother, and do the appropriate worming and shots while the pups were still with the mother. So many pups here don't see a vet ever, which means that if you get one after it's been infected with parvo or worms, it's a struggle to keep them alive all too often (my first pup was from a neighbor's litter and the mother was pushing them away at five weeks).

The vet who tried to save that one had a cocker spaniel, in good health, with worming and puppy shots already done, three months old. The advantage here of more or less pure breds (mine is 10% terrier, 40% American Cocker and 50% English Cocker) is that they're more likely to have gotten decent care and appropriate medical treatment in the first six weeks of their lives. I wasn't paying for the breeding as much as paying for a dog who had been properly taken care of and whose mother was wormed before breeding (and whose breeder was a vet). I can also board my dog in the vet's house, with people and other dogs that she knows.

Trying and failing to save a pup with a systemic round worm infestation or parvo isn't fun.

That said, there are some very interesting looking dogs around here and the street dogs and country-bred dogs that do survive seem to be quite intelligent.

Check to see if the vets mentioned above are still in business.

Rebecca Brown

You shuld have stopped at "This site is weird"

You didn't need to prove that you were too :)

Show me the evidence that the Nica dogs are smarter as a general statement?

Any dog that sleeps in the road can't be that smart can it?

The best recommendation we

The best recommendation we can make is to get your puppy to Dra. Claritza Solis in Managua fast. You may find someone through Juanno's suggestion, however, our experience after living in the San Juan area for 11 years and having lost 2 pets due to the ignorance of the local vets is that they are not small/domestic animal vets (and one of them,as much as he may love animals, masquerading as a vet, IMHO). We were also told at the last World Vet clinic a few months ago (by someone very closely associated with Pelican Eyes) that the Stones and Waves Clinic no longer functions.

Dra. Solis speaks English very well and we have been very impressed with her treatment of our pets. It's a pain to have to drive to Managua, but we wouldn't consider anything else if the problem appears serious. Her clinic is in the PriceSmart area (across the street from PS, and a block or two in-look for signs to Clinica Veterinaria Raymari).

Teléfonos: (505) 2264-0072, (505) 2268-0441


Best wishes for your puppy.

Trusted Vets

This is crazy but I was just wondering if anyone has had the same experience. We recently got a new puppy and yes from one of the venders along the side of the road near Metrocentro. We quickly took it to the vet for shots and a check-up. About $70 that day. After about a week, the pup's health deteriorated so bad, we took it back to the same vet to get checked out and are in the process of a 5 day process of 3 more shots per day and are not sure the pup is going to make it. Not sure what Parvo symptoms are but little Sabrina is not good. Is there any remote chance that the vet would have infected her on purpose the first time we took her in order to get a return visit and treatment from some gringos? Surely I am "out there" with this line of thought but thought I would throw it out.

i think the ..

problem was buying along the hyway..the dogs parents..were probably in a cage in very bad from a reputable person..not on the hiway

That's a pretty cynical veiw of Managua Vetrinarians

You would hate to think a Vet would do hat but it's not outside the realm of possibiility especially when there is dinerp to be made!!

The Agriculture Centre in Rivas?

Or call in first at Nadiezda (pet and animal supplies) on the corner outside of the market (opposite Calderon). The owner is head of NICA AG something or other. (he gives the travel permits at the border), he cant practice privately but he knows people in Rivas at the AG place that have a small animal clinic.

With thanks...I sometimes

With thanks...I sometimes talk with his wife Dona Lorena....will ask her the next time we are in SJDS....still open to any other recommendations so we can call and/or arrange an appointment with someone or ascertain clinic times etc....multiple trips to town wear us 'country folks' down a bit especially during these much welcomed rains...

Contact Jon Berger on here as nicareal

He does a lot of his own stuff on his dogs.

Stones and Waves at Pelican Eyes : http://stonesandwavesvetclinic.blogspot

Upcoming World Vets Clinics to SJdS:

July 26, 27 & 28, 2011

September20, 21 & 22, 2011

Really Need A Local Vet.

Probably looking for a Rivas based is our understanding that there are no services currently offered at the Stones & Waves clinic...familiar with World Vets and support their much needed contribution here but we waited in line for 6 hours during their last visit for vaccination boosters and then found out that they did not have or had run out of vaccine (not complaining it was a very social gathering and a great day with our neighborhood children who had also brought their pets to SJDS for treatment). Our dog is not a good traveler and we hope to find some qualified person who can take care of booster shots and another small treatment within the next week or so.

If that's all you need

Feel free to call the office or stop by during mornings. I'll be glad to help you out. If you bring the vaccinations and syringes it will take 5 min.

Message to Nicareal

With thanks, have sent you a PM.

did them thieves change

the name now to English? Bastards,still owe me $186 bucks :-X, you should make an article on your magazine on how they don't wanna pay their debt,even a meager $186 bucks!!! shame shame!!

I should go " La Prensa" on their a$$es .

BTW Juanno: I am talking about Pelican Eyes.