We're Numero UNO!

I do not know about you but I am sick of always reading, in EVERY news article, that Nicaragua is the 2d poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. y que?

Well, finally we are NUMBER ONE in something.

Nicaragua has the HIGHEST fuel prices in all of Central America! We're number one, we're number one, we're number one!

I do not know about you, but personally I so damned happy to finally make the top of the list! Number ONE!

We can only thank comrade-President-for-Life Ortega, his lovely hairy-armpits wife la Chamuca, tio Hugorilla Chavez, ALBA, Albanisa, Father Fidel, and the F$LN for the honor of reaching the number ONE spot.

Viva $ucialismo $iglo XXI

Arriba los pobres del mundo!

jodido, pero contento. soy nica...

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Gas subsidies in Central America


No más subsidios a gasolinas y diésel: "Pepe" Lobo

Ese subsidio es generalizado y se ha comprobado que ese subsidio generalizado con tantos niveles de desigualdad lleva un alto ingrediente de injusticia".

Lobo aseguró que "se ha demostrado que el 80 por ciento va al 20 por ciento de la población que tiene más ingresos".



Derecha pide no eliminar subsidio al gas

In El Salvador look like only the propane gas (gas de cocinar) has a subside .



Panamá aumentará subsidio para energía en US$14 millones

Un crédito adicional de US$14 millones tramitará el Ministerio de Economía y Finanzas para evitar que la tarifa eléctrica aumente en el segundo semestre del año, debido al alza del petróleo. Esto significa que para 2011, el gobierno panameño habrá destinado US$78 millones al fondo de estabilización tarifaria, que se creó en 2005 para mantener estable la tarifa a las personas que consumen hasta 500 kilovatios al mes.

here the energy subside is till 180 Kv


Guatemala and Costa Rica has not subsidies (is what i found).


Venezuela pierde US$1.500M al año por subsidio a la gasolina

"Tenemos que empezar a disminuir el consumo de gasolina. La gasolina venezolana es la más barata del mundo (...) El gobierno está subsidiando más del 90% de lo que realmente cuesta esa gasolina", dijo Chávez.


Public Transit Discounts

Do other Central American countries offer fuel discounts for public transit or is it just Nicaragua?

subsidies for morons and sheep

Discussing about government party policies with you Fyl.....is a not end line..with a destiny only you know.

The party government is a well experimented organization, that besides its military background, also has a stronger preparation in political struggle. Is not difference between them and the CEO of Coca Cola to sell one product and obtain profits.

Nicaragua has the highest price in gas in Central America !!!

Why !! if we have our friend Gorilla Chavez given us the best deal in the world?

Well..some savvy adviser, (difficult to know if is the Qaddafi nephew, or the gringo Oquist or some Venezuelan) must structure this bs scam:

We rise the prices on gas, we collect the money from the people and we give back to the poor mass to assure our reelection. So the poor will be paying almost the same as other countries and the rest of Nicaraguans ( numbers from the government say that the subsidies benefit around 1.7 M people) will pay more for gains of the ALBA_ORTEGA company.

I like your analogy

Is not difference between them and the CEO of Coca Cola

Well, except he was only a Vice-President of Coca Cola and the country was Mexico.

OK, maybe that was a bit obscure but the point is that subsidies to help "someone" happens virtually everywhere. In the US it is called welfare. In Venezuela is is called cheap petroleum. In Nicaragua there are an assortment of programs including subsidized low-volume electricity usage and small propane cylinders. In each case, there is government overhead, misuse and, of course, administrative overhead, generally meaning some level of corruption. In fact, in most programs I am aware of , both government and private, (and that means in the US), administrative overhead is generally bigger than the amount received by the intended beneficiary.

If we just want to talk about petroleum, I would like to know about subsidies in other countries in the region. Here, while a taxi driver or bus driver may be the person who directly benefits, the next level of benefits goes to those who use the service. In the words of Ronald Reagan, this is called trickle-down economics. Maybe he was right about it working, maybe not, but the idea certainly didn't start in Nicaragua.

I understood "trickle-down

I understood "trickle-down economics" as meaning you give to the most wealthy layers of society and then expect an increase in living standards for the poorer parts of society. I don't think Reagan was fond of transport workers. The right in the US only seemed to like them when they could use them to make some country go bankrupt -- Like Chile under Allende.

Without commenting on the specific situation of Nicaragua at this moment, a multiple tier pricing scheme may not be the worst at times of crisis, especially when wages cannot be equalized. The US could of course also decide to just let people starve to death instead of giving them food stamps. The immediate cost benefit of that would be that it would be cheaper, but then you'd have other costs such as a sharp increase in burglaries. The subsidy in food/petrol/etc. May actually be the cheapest solution for those who are concerned about government expenditure. :)

-- Johannes Wilm http://www.johanneswilm.org

out of target

sorry for my slip..but cant resist,

"In the words of Ronald Reagan, this is called trickle-down economics. Maybe he was right about it working, maybe not"

I cant believe what im reading. Mr Fyl endorsing Mr Ronald Reagan.

Vote Buying...Well Fancy That!

Who'da Thunk It!


you will just delete/censor my answer.

go google it if you are sooooooo interested.

Number Two seems popular as well....

39% of the population can't be wrong can they?


Come on Morales, watch a little bit of it.

morales..dont forget ...

there building a huge refinery out on caratera viejo a leon..i know so because the president of venzuela,, pres. chavez told us so..so as soon as thats built..we wont be #1 for long..and i dont know for sure..but i bet all the other countries..offer discounts to public transportaion..

El Diario today on Gasoline and new ideas presented by Morales