Exporting to the USA

With the cost of Coffee in the USA right now I would like to ship some coffee to the USA, not for profit but as a gift. 5 or 10 lbs. Anyone out there have any idea what the cost would be for the person receiving the coffee as for as importation fees and taxes. Any helpful info would be appreciated. Also Pre-packaged vs (Mercado style)bulk, which is better as far as passing customs. Thankx in advance.

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Many people just bring it up in their baggage

I don't know where you are but you said "I would like to ship some coffee to the USA" so I presume you might be here. Kelly at Gato Negro has many customers that bring it home and show the factura from the store as proof of value and don't pay a nickel as it's under the allowed amount. I think bagged and labelled with a factura would be better than loose beans, although the latter would be easier opened and checked.

Just a suggestion.

I Used To Bring

tons of coffee back from Costa Rica when I was down there. I'd fill an entire suitcase with freshly roasted beans in 1 kilo paper bags (filled fresh from the roaster in front of me) that I'd bought from that big seller in the central market. You could smell that suitcase from across the terminal. I'd give it away to my business associates.

I still haven't found Nicaraguan coffee that I liked as much as the CR product.

I never paid a penny of duty; I'm not even sure that there is duty on coffee.

The Customs hot button at the time seemed to be tobacco, specifically CIGARS FROM CUBA.

If you are carrying it in when you go back

no duty in the USA on a LOT. I think the current exemption is $1,000. Likely more than you can carry. Tell them what you have on the form in customs and they will just wave you through. No need for a receipt..they know how much coffee costs.

Shipping likely can also do with no duty, but have never done it. Just go to USA customs website and see what they say. It is all covered in EZ to read language.



Thankx AZT, I am here in Jinotega, and wan to "mail" it back to the states, I'll check the US. customs site and see what they say there. - Atento

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Here it is on mailing back

From CBP website..

"Gifts You Mail Gifts worth up to $100 may be sent, free of duty and tax, to friends and relatives in the United States, as long as the same person does not receive more than $100 worth of gifts in a single day. If the gifts are mailed or shipped from an insular possession, this amount is increased to $200.

Unless returning to the United States from an insular possession, you don’t have to declare gifts you sent while you were on your trip, since they won’t be accompanying you."

I find the regular mail from NICA to USA to be satisfactory for letters. Likely for this too. Plus the NICA stamps are cool. 100 bucks is a lot of coffee.


Coffee seems to scan well on

Coffee seems to scan well on their security equipment. Last year I brought 4 pounds to the states, just supermarket stuff like Quilambe and Dipilto, the same stuff we drink daily. It makes great gifts. Plan to take more this time. Tropical flavor jams from the super also make nice gifts, but probably have to go in hold baggage.

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Another thought

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local gelatina

Good idea, thankx. - Atento

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Thomas Paine

Is that quote from "Commen Sense."

common sense

I'm not sure, I've also heard this quote to be atributed to Edmund Burke, so I am not reall sure who the real author is, but the idea is sound.

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