Video de Canción de Campaña del FSLN - Nicaragua 2011

"All we are saying is...get used to the new song......."

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'Zangano' ¿Yo? ...

Solo soy sincero.

Me gusta esta video. Nicaragua muy linda!

Ese brillo en mis ojos me ha metido en muchos problemas!

¡Viva Nicaragua!

Yeah 'Should have known better' and I do.

Now that I do know I'm sorry I know. That's a song I would never be able to listen to again. Look what they've done to my song ma'.

I posted it to Facebook.

El video me parece Nicaragua con contradiciones y todo.

Nicaragua muy surrealistico hoy, con Jesus Electronico en las calles.

The picture I took wasn't that good, but I'll post it anyway. People here seem to have a better grasp of what it was like to be crucified than most of the US Christians I've known.

The procession is coming through again, with the brass band dirge and folks chatting in front of my house.

Rebecca Brown

El Chile area of Matagalpa

And you can thank the Sandinista government for the recovery of this art in the 80's, in particular Father Ernesto Cardenal, Minister of Culture at the time. I think you may have discovered a nice cultural road trip.

tejiendo - weaving and telar de tejer - woven material

Most stuff you see here (shoulder bags, shirts etc) are imported, machine made from Guatemala fro the tourism trade.

I never said I'd never leave Jinotega.

Looks like it's as far from Matagalpa as Matagalpa is from Jinotega, but not over the same sorts of roads. I'll have to check buses once Semana Santa is over.

I know that some indigenous women actually weave for home use in Mexico, or at least were doing that when I was following Spin Off and Handwoven. The idea of reconstructing a tradition for the tourist trade doesn't interest me as much as seeing people doing it for their own uses, though I'd be curious to see how they're doing it (what I've read about was Guatemalan and Andean weaving).

Backstrap weaving appears to be one of the oldest loom systems -- shows up in South East Asia and the Americas. European classical era and later weaving tended to be warp weighted looms. Chinese evolved a foot treadle loom from back strap looms, apparently. Frame weaving and twining may be older yet. Most of the post 1,000 AD to industrial era looms in the West were Chinese technology, though the flyer spinning wheel seems to have been a European invention.

The backstrap looms allowed for some more creativity in setting up weft embroidery than a four harness loom, but making cloth that way was really slow. Four harness looms with thrown shuttles were considerably faster (yard an hour plus for people who are really skilled), but the patterns were mechanized.

I've got a few friend who'd be interested in textiles, but I don't know when or if any of them are coming down.

Rebecca Brown

i prefer

a video of EMINEM... or Regional Mexican least the lyrics just portray a mama hate and drug dealers rides..and the noise, have better rhythm with lot of beauties...and they dont ask to vote for them....just to buy their garbage.

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I'm Sorry...

"I Should Have Known Better"....

Sorry? Yeah right!!!

I can see the twinkle in your eyes as you clicked on post comment. Que mas zangano. Saludos Sr Juanno.

Anyone know where the backstrap weaving segment comes from?

I've seen clothes that looked like they were machine made cloth styled like traditional backstrap woven garments, but haven't seen anyone wearing anything that looked handwoven.

Rebecca Brown