Honesty and Integrity?

The first comment in thread http://www.nicaliving.com/node/18586 states that "honesty and integrity" is what is needed in government here. That is, that if a candidate offered this, they would win. Is it that simple?

The poster was born in Nicaragua but lives in the US, I believe in the state famous for the loose chads which caused the losing presidential candidate in 2000 to win where he then went on to lie enough to get the US to start a very profitable (for his friends) war.

Before him came the I didn't have sexual relations with that woman president who also was up to his eyeballs in the Contra-Cocaine scandal. It is likely he was elected because only a party change could get the heat off of the previous "Contra-Cocaine" president who had been vice president under the "The Contras are the moral equivalent of the US Founding Fathers" president.

Yes, if we go back one more US president we do find someone with integrity and the only ex-president I can think of that went on to be a real statesman. That earned him labels such as ineffective and even just a week ago a whole bunch of political hacks said they are pissed off because they say his actions in Cuba were that "of a friend" rather than representing the US government's anti-Cuba position.

Bringing things to Nicaragua, what about the MRS in the last presidential election? Was Jarquin the "Nicaraguan equivalent of Jimmy Carter"? To offer an example, when the opposition introduced the total abortion ban, clearly in an effort to prevent an FSLN victory, only the MRS was honest enough to oppose it and they instantly dropped in the polls. Subsequently, they seem to have dropped honesty and integrity in favor of just joining the anti-government pack.

I have known two national-level politicians in my whole life who I would say had honesty and integrity. One, Don Bonker, was defeated on his US senate bid by someone who was, well, incapable of taking a position on anything. The other, Dan Evans, was a US Senator for one term and didn't run again because he found Washington DC incompatible with honesty and integrity.

So, where does this "honesty and integrity" fit?

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"The poster was born in Nicaragua but lives in the US, I believe in the state famous for the loose chads which caused the losing presidential candidate in 2000 to win where he then went on to lie enough to get the US to start a very profitable (for his friends) war."

I dont see the motive of your rant against Pinolero2. myself , have been responding to you (if you want label like that) more confrontative.

Talking about honesty and integrity , with the two main parties of Nicaragua involved, (The Pacto) is a task for stupids.

I accept your comparison with Carter..a honestly man but mediocre president and worse like diplomatic. And if you want to put like representativity his cheering leftists..so yes.. he have a bunch of followers.

Maybe Jarquin could become a disaster like Jimmy Carter, but till now i confer to him more grades than peanutman.

But coming back to the honesty-integrity issue, i don't think the four letters party can compete in this category.

So like your sempiternal parallels between evil US and evils rest of the world..must Nicaraguans politicians never will run in Nicaragua because honesty and integrity is a TABU in this country..and the masters of deception control the power.

So practically to win a election you need almost the same element than in 1990..or just to be the best crook.

PS: that president earned his labels such as ineffective..with a hard work, all is because his own merits.


In no way was picking on Felix. My point (which I expect most got) was that political corruption is the norm—something which Felix agreed with—and that is not just the case in Nicaragua. I selected the US for the comparision for the following reasons:

  1. It is the country more people here will know about than any other.
  2. Felix (and you) have lived there and, hopefully, witnessed this high-level corruption first hand.
  3. It is an example of a country where political corruption goes way beyond damage within the country. I specifically offered Nicaragua and Iraq as victims of a government without honesty and integrity.

Now, one for you. Why are you picking on Jimmy Carter? The last thing I would call him is a disaster. As I said, I see him as the only true statesman that has come out of presidential stock during my lifetime. My point (which you verified) is that honesty and integrity in a political job just gets you a bad label. I assert that honesty and integrity is a tabu in the US as well and your comments about Carter pretty much confirm this.

Why do Nicaraguans want something from their leader that they don't require or even expect from other leaders? In fact, it appears to even be something they find undesirable in other leaders.


Carter is well probe that was a disaster and his little bright he keep is just because was a US president.

Some of his disaster was precisely here in Nicaragua, he trusted in a bunch of Moscow and Havana loyalist, and end transferring a hot potato to his successor .

But Carter is not the issue here, he was just a comparison.

Felix (and you) have lived there and, hopefully, witnessed this high-level corruption first hand. Sorry to disappointed you, but is a huge consensus of Nicaraguans living there, that a system like US is by large.. better than what we have here and the desire to implement must of that system. My personal experience cant be more according with this, i never was witnessed of the high and open corrupted ways we live here.

Having a radical agenda of US hate, and a strong sympathy for a corrupted government party, don't help for a impartial vision.

Im clear that politicians tend to take advantage of their position, but here that tendence is almost a way of living and with the difference that here is not a rule of law.

Is easy to see this difference.

Show me one danielista cadre been judging for corruption.

Show me one PLC member judging for corruption, that is not for use it like blackmail for political gains.

Show me one member of the actual government been judging for corruption.

Something that you don't want recognize, is that here corruption is a way of living, is a disease that has permeated the society.

The difference is that for must foreigners ..our corruption is part of the folklore , is part of the indigenous culture, is part of the third world, is part of our slow...were in the bottom of the evolution..so is acceptable.

My friend i have many ways to show you the huge corruption of the politicians of my country (not just the 4 letters) and how that disease affect the whole society.

Our press , the same press you label like amarillista or pro-imperialist , has documented very well the thousands or the daily basis of corruption of the government party and their allies.

We must be honest, here is not about discussing real matters, is only about trying to make our friends more acceptable.

you're just a tad outdated..

First off,I've been living in Esteli for the past 7 months,second, what the US, has to do with what I've mentioned?. Do you ALWAS have to bring the USA into the mix,specially in a negative way???

There isn't a SINGLE politician on the face of this earth that is honest. Lewites was NOT a politician,that's why I liked him.

And finally,I've always liked the MRS,specially with Lewites,but Jarquin isn't bad at all,thus why I think Jarquin would do well paired with Gadea.