Helping Children Move Away from Poverty

In my Girl for Rent post I documented an example of what is clearly a problem. The girl in that post (or, actually, both mentioned) were above average on at least marketing and on initiative. I know one and expect the other is in a bad situation because of family economics. My question is what should be done to address this problem.

I am not a fan of the give a handout to everyone approach to social adjustment. Personally I feel this just creates dependence and lack of initiative. The alternative, arresting the client and/or the girl is also counter-productive. And each approach is also very expensive. If the US is not sure it can afford to continue this approach, Nicaragua doesn't have a chance with it.

There are assorted programs, many run by NGOs to try to lift children out of poverty. From what I have seen, the programs generally concentrate on a group based on where they live rather than their abilities. If you had the responsibility to come up with an approach to help above average children in Nicaragua lift themselves out of poverty, what would you propose?

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What If !!!

I understand what Sr. Nicanor is saying. The problem though is the result of the perpetual cycle Nicaragua has found itself stuck in for so long. This problem like all the other problems that Nicaragua faces is like a cancer that's been ignored by almost all of us. The government of turn can never do enough for whatever reason, the people that abuse the girls, the families that give up on the girls. Your question though is not what causes this problem, but what can be done, other than what's been done, to, if not solve the problem, at least get better results. As much as we would like to de-politicize the issue, at least in Nicaragua, that is impossible. In Nicaragua whatever the government does or doesn't do affects the people. Some more adversely than others. Mainly those that have no options, no choices and those people are the majority in Nicaragua. If those in power and those aspiring for it were really interested on doing what's right we wouldn't be having this conversation. But that is too much to ask of our leaders, after all they are only human like the rest. On another post I said 'what if Somoza and Sandinistas had acted different?'. It was noted then that engaging on such way of thinking was not only futile but also a dangerous excersice. Again I disagree. These Strongmen and political movements are responsible for wrong deeds they commited and the good deeds they failed to do. Culpables por Comision y Omision. They put themselves in the position of leaders and rulers and they fail miserably . Any responsible person sees a problem and does everything he/she can to fix it. If you care you don't let things get out of hand and wait to the last minute to fix it. The tree can be molded to grow as you please if you tend it from the start. As we say : Arbol que crece torcido ni a palo se endereza. Now with a full blown problem we want to fix it . Studies are made, programs are applied but as is often the case too litle too late. All that was needed was common sense. The Sandinistas had a golden opportunity. The majority of Nicas, remember those without other options or choices, the great majority were ready to be led on a new road. We were willing because we were young and not yet completely set in the ways of the corrupted and the selfish. Along the way we became corrupted and selfish and let all that human potential grow all twisted and now we are reaping the fruits. There is a word that has negative connotations but in reality it's what we need, all of us no exception. Concientizacion. Raise our consciousness level so that the next generation doesn't grow as those before us and ourselves eventually did: corrupted and selfish. Set on the old ways.

First, thanks

That is, thanks for the translation of Nicanor's words. I really missed the point as it was buried in a rant. Now, it makes little difference whether we see Somoza, a young government with no governing experience, an externally-backed war, abandonment of Nicaragua by the international community or corruption as the cause. I understand that inconsistency and lack of respect (for the government and/or for oneself) cannot lead to a solution.

That said, I am trying to look beyond what has happened and even beyond current government and private programs to see if there is anything that might, if implemented, move Nicaragua (or any other country for that matter) forward. The problem is not unique to Nicaragua. It just happens to be a more significant problem in Nicaragua because there is a larger percentage of the population saddled with the problem. The fact that the population is young compounds the problem.

My assertion is that pouring lots of money into a combination of welfare and law enforcement (such as is done in the US) or having a government that most perceive as not corrupt (such as in Costa Rica) doesn't solve the problem.

lost in translation

Sorry for losing u in translation....i dont get it how that happened, i live in Florida immerse in a rainbow of language and cultures, and i was able to communicate with all that people. Even in our own language the differences in the use of words at the beginning was a big problem, but nothing hard to solve or understand.

I encourage you , to finish your learning of Spanish maybe in that way we can improve our understanding,Well to be honest, i dont have any problems understanding you, maybe i have the advantage in the comprehension of English, and so on... to your rants .. This last part is just a relax in a boring day.

I like to look at this a different way

What about all the wonderful women, who when faced with identical circumstances, did not take that path?

Why don´t or didn't they?

I mean identical, i.e. no education, no family support, no role models of right and wrong, Equal in every way (and there are millions of them), that clawed their way up from nothing to get where they are today.

Why do we need to talk about them?

Because the answer to your question may just as easily be found with that group as it would be by working with the smaller percentage.


The questions and solutions to this problem in our society is that...annoying...because has been the theme for many politicians and parties that sell dreams and hope to our their way to their own success.

This conversation has been present in the last years, because to me is not doubt that many of the problem we have like society, is not result of a one party or one the result of a many facts that have been accumulated trough the years of struggle in our country.

Nicaragua maybe is one of the countries that has more ONG, here i think exist ONG for every single problem...even ONG's is the synonymous of job, prosperity, businesses..etc.

So why still existing many problems and other arising ?

I don't want to sound like a permanent ranter, and less against the party in power,because this is not their own failure.

A society with the level of corruption we have, is very unlikely that others problems will be fixed.

Here if you want a job; you need to be member of the party in power,

if you want to have some participation in social programs, you need to be or at least touch the door of the party in power,

if you have some legal problem..and you want to avoid the consequences; need the support of the party in power

If you have a businesses and want to grow.; .the best way is to knock the door of the party in power.

If you try to dance alone and big successful by your own ...; be careful because you need to invite to the party in power...

So in this kind of system , where everything and everybody have a price.... for a little girl realizing that is body can be used for get some not divorced from this sad reality.

The best way how we can help to improve the life,not just for this little girls but for the whole society, is to help to recover the dignity of this country and their people.

To assure them than their own efforts is what matter, that their own effort is what going provide food, house and goods to their families.

We need to take out from their minds ; that politicians and governments are their benefactor, and that they don't need to kowtow to them.

The international community is helping a lot to our country, and our people is the main engine that is impulsing their destiny.,

So why we need to implant in their minds that their luck... is because some man or group is there, been so kind with them..when in reality what really they are doing ; is taking advantage of what they must administrate with transparency , in a system of check and balance.?

For help this people is necessary a lot of guts , because whatever you do in the actual situation, will be just a rub in a deep wound.

The aftermath with Somoza, the aftermath were seeing in the middle the result to be complacently with groups of power that slave , misguided, blackmail or repress their own people.


been blindness... also help to this aftermaths

Sorry, you do

The rant, of course, would be the same with some name changes if you substituted Venezuela, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Haiti, United States, Mexico, ... for Nicaragua. Politicians—in all countries that have elections—do what they think will get them elected/reelected. That seldom means helping the oldest daughter from a poor household escape from a poverty cycle.

Note that I may be making an assumption here but I see many cases where the oldest daughter in a poor family becomes the surrogate mom which means she becomes a school dropout. If this is the case, even offering free upgraded education opportunities doesn't offer a solution.

If the US, with oh so much both white collar and blue collar welfare and a much smaller percentage of people in this situation can't fix this, some new approaches need to be thought up rather than suggesting this has anything to do with corruption.

I think he was meaning

the people of Nicaragua need a leader to make them proud of themselves and the country. A corruption of the soul...pretty gloomy stuff.