Strawberry growing in perlite

Strawberry growing in perlite

First strawberry from a more than likely crazy ide. I will know more in 14 days, hard when it's blowing hard and its 35 celsius.

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Great job,

What are you using for nutrients?

-Doug ©

If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the precipitate


A special blend with a lot of micro elements, made in Brazil I think. The ideal mix 6-12-28, but this went a little wrong so it will be next week.


and continued good luck!

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Congrats Roger

I bet you are glad to see this happening.

yes I am

This plant should not live giving the condition it's under and the circumstances regarding transport etc. 8 Days in a plastic sack - 6 of them on Managua airport, total warfare with everybody, EVEN when all was pre-aproved.

Some will live and produce, next is tomatoes, food is gold and hydrophonic is very predictable and with a almost contant cost factor. Thanks for the nice comment.



First Strawberry?

Am I missing something? the photograph is dated April 2006.

Just a bad camera

Cant change the date, the picture was taken yesterday.