Real Customer Service in Estelí

Today was my first trip to Estelí of the year. I had lots of things to buy and one of them was, hopefully, the rabbit wire I asked about a while back. Well, I encountered the rabbit wire plus something extremely rare here—customer service. My search eventually lead me to Ferreteria Reinaldo Hernández. When I entered there were bags of new inventory on the floor and people sorting them. An older (not old like me but not a kid either) man asked how he could serve me. As I started explaining about the rabbit wire I saw a roll of it. I was surprised.

He explained to me that it is called "dos por dos" because it is a 1/2" mesh. Thus, two squares in each direction per inch. I ended up buying the whole roll at a reasonable discount below the per meter price. I went on to talk about some other things I was looking for. He switched to English. I don't think it was because my Spanish was bad but he saw it as a chance to practice. His English is good.

Of the two other things I was looking for, he addressed each. In one case he suggested something which would save me a lot of the cost and I would not be buying from him. For the other, transparent roofing, he didn't have enough in stock but matched the price I had been quoted elsewhere and offered to deliver it, free of charge, tomorrow. Pretty hard to argue with.

The story behind this is that he is Javier Hernández and he owns the place. He said the Estelì store has been neglected and he is now there four days a week to get it whipped into shape. He explained that a big part of that is customer service. He lived in Boston for a while and seems to have picked up that concept.

His attitude and the fact that he is Managua-based and can get stuff up to Estelí that you may be looking for is a win in my book. For some, his knowledge of English may also be a plus. His email which is on the business card he gave me is If you are in/near Estelí and looking for something, sending him an email is a lot less work than visiting 20 hardware stores.

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Another win

My RV-style water pump died. I decided the solution was a real pump and pressure tank. Two days ago I went to more than 10 hardware stores in Estelí. Lots of pumps but no pressure tanks. Then, I remembered Javier (and the fact his email address was here).

Sent him email this morning and got back a reply for what makes total sense and he will have it in the Estelí store on Monday morning.


It's always nice to hear good stories like that because it's sad to know there is really no good customer service in Nicaragua.


He emailed me last night to tell me the product was in. Ana went over to the store this morning and guided him up here. So, I remain a happy camper.


Is it located on teh Pan Americana?


Orange building, a few blocks north of Shell Estelí but on the east ide.


does he have a store in rivas or sjds?

email him

I don't think so but I expect that he would be willing to arrange truckloads of stuff delivered to you from Managua.

doesn't sound like it

you could always try to arrange a franchise for your retirement plans.

have used his store in managua..

has a good selection of things