The former house junction

The former house junction

This was what separated the house wiring from the outside wiring, The house was originally a single family house, but is now two separate apartments. I have no idea how the wiring is arranged on the other side of the house now. This was far scarier than having two grounded circuit breakers for the house but not having the outlets grounded with a third wire.

Reminds me of why I don't really want to buy this house for anything remotely close to what the owner in Miami wants and the advantages of learning how to do trades myself.

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Very common

This is the typical "service entrance panel". Under the cover on the right you will find two fuses, sorta. They are strips of metal under screws. The original would be flat and made out of something that is probably lead and other metals to adjust it to the proper current rating. There is a fair change that if you lift the cover you will find that one or both of the fuses have been replaced with copper wire.

As for a ground, what do you mean by "inside the house"? A ground rod is usually copper coated steel, half an inch in diameter and about five feet long. There is also a special clamp to attach the ground wire to the rod. Once the rod is pounded into the ground it is unlikely anyone can remove it without digging a fairly deep hole.

There's a hole drilled in the floor next to the wall

And the stake (which I saw) was driven into the ground below the hole. The guy who found the electrician for me said that yes, people do steal copper or copper-looking stuff around here, along with propane tanks (I wonder if my friends would like to babysit that if I take off for a week), so this is what people do in Jinotega.

Rebecca Brown

If you ever live in a place with the grounding rod

outside of the building, buy a can of black spray paint and paint the rod and the wire leading from it. Then they likely won't try to take it because they'll think its not copper.

Save it :-)

and take your panel with you. Chances are, you'll need it in the next place.