Estancia El Naranjo foto 1, Venecia/Canta Gallo

Estancia El Naranjo foto 1, Venecia/Canta Gallo

main building of rural tourism project in the mountains about 20 klicks east of Condega in coffee growing region. Generally reminds me of Eco-posada Tisey, but the area is much greener and lusher.

No phone, reservations by relative in Condega with 2 or 3 days notice. (Luisa Centeno, res.8662-6231, work 2715-2408). Walk in at your own risk-- this is far enough out that they probably will not be full (3 cabins) but won`t have much in the way of food.

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This IS

a nice area.

The property is a lot nicer than the pic indicates. There are three Cabanas w/ flush toilets scattered among 3 MZ, plus another 4 rustic rooms in the main building. Beautifully planted and maintained, small pond with grass, 3500 VERY healthy coffee plants, some cacao, citrus, avocados, scenic, cool area. The woman who owns it wants to sell it, her husband is in poor health. The proverbial fly: the road is very difficult in the rainy season

Cool nights, warm -but not hot days, drier, minimal bugs, lots of water, great coffee. There is also a hotel owned by the Canta Gallo cooperative to the left as you come into Venezia, I haven't tried to stay there. HOTEL Update: Go next door, find Jaron, he'll go get RosaLinda to open the hotel for you.

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